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(3) The local authority shall, when any such land or building ceases to be occupied or used for any of the purposes aforesaid, cause it to be thoroughly disinfected and cleansed.

128. Control over private sources of water-supply.-

(1) The Health Officer may, by notice in writing, require the owner of, or other person having control over, any source of watersupply situated on the fair or festival centre, or within such distance therefrom as the Government may, by general or special order determine, to close or disinfect such Source within a specified time, if, in the opinion of the Health Officer, it is likely to engender or cause the spread of disease amongst persons resorting to the fair or festival.

(2) If the owner or person aforesaid fails or neglects to comply with any notice issued under sub-section (1) within the time specified therein, the Health Officer may himself take the necessary action, and the whole of the expenses incurred in doing so or such part thereof as the Health Officer may determine to be reasonable shall be recovered from such owner or person as if it were an arrear of land revenue.

129. Licensing of houses to accommodate visitors to fair or festival.-

(1) The owner or occupier of a house, not being a lodging house registered under Chapter XI, situated in any notified fair or festival centre shall not, for purposes of gain, accommodate in the house visitors to the fair or festival without obtaining a licence in that behalf from the executive authority or the Health Officer of the local authority or any of the local authorities concerned. This provision shall not apply to tenancies from month to month or for a period exceeding one month.

(2) Every application for a licence under sub-section (1) shall be in writing, shall contain such information as may be required by the authority to whom it is addressed, and shall be accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed for the grant of the licence.


(a) If it appears to the executive authority or the Health Officer as the case may be, that the house is suitable for accommodating visitors to the fair or festival, he may issue a licence in the prescribed form and subject to the prescribed conditions for the accommodation in the house of such number of visitors as may, in his opinion, be conveniently received therein, having regard to the number of persons resident in the house, whether as members of the family or as servants of the owner or occupier.
(b) The licence shall also specify
(i) the maximum number of persons (residents and visitors) who may be accommodated in the house at any one time; and
(ii) the date until which it shall remain in force.

(4) If the authority granting the licence is satisfied that the licenced house has, subsequent to the grant of the licence, become unfit for the accommodation of visitors, or if the licensee is convicted of any offence punishable under this Chapter, such authority may revoke the licence or, at his discretion, may suspend the licence for such period or until the fulfillment of such condition, as he may specify.

130. Extension of provisions of Chapter to certain areas.-

The Government may, by notification and subject to such modifications, if any, as may be specified therein, extend all or any of the foregoing provisions of this Chapter or any other provision in this Act connected therewith to any local area or part of a local area in which a large number of persons attending a fair or festival held in a notified fair or festival centre halt, or are expected to halt on their way to, or return from, such centre.


131. Infectious disease in canal boats-

Where any local authority, within whose local area a canal or any part of a canal is situate, is informed that a person on board a canal boat is suffering from an infectious disease, such authority shall cause such steps to be taken as may be

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