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made obligatory by any law, provided that it is satisfied that there are circumstances warranting Such dispensation or modification and issue orders: Provided that in the case of Master Plans/Development Plans/Structure Plans, such powers of the Government may be limited to dispensation/modification pertaining to the following requirements of the Plans, namely. i. dispense with land acquisition proposals in the sanctioned Plans (However, reservation of land for road development and the development restrictions imposed because of other Acts/Rules will not come under the purview of this) ii. Dispense with Special/Specific land use proposals in the sanctioned Plans like areas zoned as planned residential, 'Sub Centre', 'reservation of additional areas for public and semipublic uses etc. which have not materialized so far. iii. Modify Zoning Regulations/Development Control Rules such that (a) all residential buildings up to a total built up area of 300m2 and other occupancy buildings up to total built up area of 150m2 are included as permitted uses in all built up zones (ie., Residential Commercial/ Industrial/Public & Semi Public and all mixed zones of these uses, etc.). (b) “large scale development projects or Government projects are included aspermitted uses subject to conditions in all built-up zones such as Residential/Commercial/industrial/Public & Semi Public and all mixed zones of these uses. iv. Dispense with any other land reservations in the sanctioned Plans based on resolutions of LSGs Concerned provided that - the purpose of the land reservation is already served through implementation of alternate projects and/or - the responsible authority has communicated in writing that the proposed project will not be taken up due to specified reasons. However, the development restrictions imposed because of other Acts/Rules Notifications will not come under the purview of this. In such cases of dispensation/modification, those uses and occupancies which are deemed fit, in accordance with the surrounding developments or in accordance with the provisions of the subsequently published plan, if any, for the area, may be Considered. The order of the Government granting dispensation/modification shall specify amount of Scrutiny fee to be remitted by the applicant in the Government Treasury and the Head of Account. The Scrutiny fee to be remitted shall be 10 (ten) times of the permit fee as prescribed in the KMBR 1999/KPBR 2011 as applicable. Such Government order issued shall not be considered aspermission for building construction. Permit for land development and building Construction shall be obtained by the Applicantas prescribed under the provisions of the KMBR 1999 or KPBR 2011, as the case may be, subject to satisfying the conditions, if any, stipulated in the Government Order but Conforming to the provisions contained in the building rules and all applicable statutes. FORMA APPLICATION SUBMITTED TO GOVERNMENTASPERITEM C OF GENERALGUIDELINES AS GIVENING.O.(M.S) NO. 305 & 306/2015 DATED 29-09-2015 (INQUADRUPLICATE) TO The Secretary to Government, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Through (1) The Secretary Corporation/Municipality/Grama Panchayath (2) The Senior Town Planner/Town Planner, Department of Town and Country Planning

District. (3) The ChiefTown Planner,

Department of Town and Country Planning, Thiruvanathapuram.

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