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b) Cube test: As per IS 516-2000, Results of individual cubes shall not vary more than 15% Frequency: Six cubes for every 50m of concrete or part thereof. 2) Strippingofformwork (OPC) 1) Walls and Columns after 16 to 24 hours 2) Slabs with props left-7 days. 3) Beams with span less than 6m with props left-14 days. 4) Beams with span more than 6m with props left-21 days. Practical Recommendations: a) Roof slabs shall have a minimum slope of 1% accommodated in the slab itself (not in the plastering works) b) Rainwater down pipes shall be minimum 100mm in diameter. Mandatory tests for Road Works at site level. 1) Earth work: a) Dry sieving b) Wet sieving c) Liquid limit d) Plastic limit e) Proctor density Plasticity index shall be less than 45% Compaction at OMC CBRValue less than 1.76 gm/CC Frequency oftesting: 1 per 4000m of soil. Sub Base - WBM works (Gradation Test) 90 mm - 100% passing 63mm - 90 to 100% 53mm 25 to 75% 45mm O to 50% 4.75mm O to 5% Residue shall not greater than 23%. Frequency: One test for 500m. Base Course (36mm)WBM 63mm - 100% 53mm - 95 to 100% 45 mm - 65 to 90% 22.4mm - O to 10% 11.2mm O to 5% Residue shall not be greater than 23%. Frequency : One test for 500m. Post job test : Field density by sand replacement method. Frequency : One test for 2000m. Binder content : at designated lab frequency 1 perjob. Temperature test : 165 centigrade frequency regularity. Viscosity test: One per 10 tonnes. Asphalt Gradation 22.5 mm - 100% passing 11.2mm - O to 5%

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