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1146 GOVERNAMENT ORDERS TRANSFEROF FUNDS AVALABLE WTH THE ERSTWHLE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS OF THE NEWLY CREATED LGS/LGS WHERE THE ERSTWHILE LGSANNEXED- CONSEQUENT ON THE MODIFICATION OF THE NUMBER OFLGS - GUDENES - ORDERS SSUED FINANCE (SFC CELL-A) DEPARTMENT, G.O.(P) No. 570/2015/Fin TVPM, dt 15-12-2015 Abstract:- Finance Department-Transfer of funds available with the erstwhile Local Governments to the newly created LGS/LGs where the erstwhile LGs annexed - Consequent on the modification of the number of LGS- Guidelines - orders issued. Read:- 1. G.O.(P) 177/2006/Fin dated 12-4-2006. 2. G.O.(P) 119/2015/Fin dated 21-3-2015. 3. G.O. (P) 419/2015/Fin dated 19-9-2015. 4. Extraordinary Gazette Notification No. 152/2015 dated 30-4-2015. ORDER Government in its notification read as fourth paper above have modified the numbers of the Local Governments in different tiers. In certain cases Grama Panchayats have been Converted as Municipalities without any change in population. In another set of cases, Grama Panchayats are either annexed to the already existing Municipal Corporations or to the newly created Municipal Corporations. The Own/General Purpose Fund available with the erstwhile Local Governments are to be transferred to the newly created Local Governments/to the Local Government to which the erstwhile LGs were annexed, after taking in to Consideration of the population. 2. Government, after having examined the matter in detail, are pleased to issue the following orders. a) The Secretaries of the newly created Municipalities/Municipal Corporation are directed to reconcile the Accounts of the erstwhile Municipalities/Grama Panchayats with special Treasury Savings Bank ACCount of the erstwhile LGs. b) The Secretaries of the newly created Municipalities/Municipal Corporations are directed to cancel the balance cheque leaves of the Special TSB ACCount of the erstwhile Municipalities/Grama Panchayats and Submit the same along with Pass Book before the Concerned Treasury Officer. c) The Secretaries of the newly created Municipalities / Municipal Corporation are permitted to open a new Special TSB account on behalf of their Local Governments. d) Treasury Officers are directed to close the existing Special TSBACCOUnt of the erstwhile Municipalities/ Grama Panchayats and transfer the amount to the newly opened Special TSB account of the Concerned Municipality/Municipal Corporation on request from the Secretary of the newly created Municipality/Municipal Corporation. e) in the case of Grama Panchayats merged with Municipalities/Municipal Corporation, the Fund under Special TSBACCOunt of the erstwhile Grama Panchayath/s, after satisfying the Conditions stipulated in sub clause 1&2 above, should be closed and the funds to be mail transferred to the Special TSB Account of the Local Government where the erstwhile LG is merged/annexed. f) The Secretaries of the Local Government/Treasury officers are directed to Complete the processon or before 19th December 2015. g) Treasury Officers are directed to close the existing PD accounts of the erstwhile LGs and remit back the amount to the concerned revenue head of account. (Eg. Development Fund and Maintenance Fund (Non Road) is to be credited back to the H/a 3604-00-911-99 and Maintenance Fund (Road) to the H/a 3054-80911-99) h) The newly created Local Governments are directed to prepare fully vouched contingent bills in TR 59(B) and draw the amount from the appropriate head of ACCount under the consolidated fund. i) The Secretaries of the newly created Municipalities / Municipal Corporations are directed to close the Bank ACCounts of the erstwhile LGs if any and remit the amount in the appropriate Head of account under the Development fund. j) if any Bank account isto be continued under any obligation specific orders should be obtained from the Finance (SFC) Department.

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