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Finance (SFC CELL-A) Department, GO(P) No. 187/2015/Fin., Tvpm, Dt. 19-05-2015)

Abstract:- Finance Department-Joint Venture Projects - Drawal of funds in respect of Local Governments -Revised Guidelines - Orders issued.

Read:- 1. GO (P) No. 177/2006/Fin dated 12-4-2006 2. GO(P) No. 119/2015/Fin Dated 21/03/2015


Government in its order read as first paper above have issued revised guidelines for the drawal of funds by Local Governments from the Consolidated Fund and Public Account of the State. In the GO read as second paper above, Government have modified the mechanism for the release of funds to Local Government incurring expenditure directly from the Consolidated fund of the State instead of Public account. Detailed guidelines for Joint Venture Projects were not included in the GO read as 2nd paper above; 2. In the light of the modified mechanism for release of funds to LGs Government are pleased to issue the following guidelines for joint Venture Projects of LGs;

a) LGs are allowed to take projects in their domain area only;

b) There shall be an agreement among LGs participating in the joint projects;

c) One of the LG participating in the Joint project is to be fixed as Lead partner;

d) Lead Partnershall be decided either on the basis of quantum of investment in the project or on the basis of location advantage;

e) The investment pattern shall have priority over the location advantage;

f) the Lead Partnershall be the authority making agreement with the Tenderer/Developer;

g) In the Tender itself it is to be specified that the pattern of payment shall be on Part payment basis;

h) the order of incurring expenditure is based on the LG who put lowest amount in the joint project as first to be charged;

i) The Lead Partner should prepare the bill based on the quantity / Data reported/allowed by the concerned Engineer/officer in charge of the project;

j) The Standing Committee of the Lead Partner should approve the data and then the Secretary of the concerned LG should endorse it;

k) The endorsed bill should be referred to the partner LG based on the terms explained in point
i) above and the Standing Committee of the Partner LG and the Secretary should approve it;

l) The approved amount as sanctioned by the DPC may be given and the Bill should be passed and presented before the Treasury for payment;

m) The Treasury after auditing the bill, if passed, the amount should betransfer credited to the account of the Tenderer/Developer in RTGS method after adjusting all dues including statutory dues;
n) The part bill of the project should be for the entire amount of the project sanctioned by the DPC for that LG;

o) No part payment of the DPC sanctioned amount for the project will be allowed;

p) As far as the Partner LG is concerned, it is the final bill for the project and all requirements of final bill will be taken care;

q) The same arrangement should be repeated, if more than one Partner LG is in the joint project;

r) The debiting of the expenditure of the Lead partner in the joint project should be only in the final phase;

s) The Lead partner is primarily responsible for the settlement of all dues, reconciliation of accounts, regularization if any etc;

t) The Lead partner should issue an order complying all these formalities on finalization of the joint Project.

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