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(i) 20% of the fee due on submission of draft feasibility report Rs. 329,76 lakh
(ii) 10% of the fee due on submission of draft RFC Rs.164.88 lakh
(iii) Total Fee Rs. 494.63 lakh
(iv) Service Tax @12.36% Rs. 61.14 lakh
Total Claim RS. 555.77 lakh

The Director Partner Kerala Mission has also reported that the claim submitted by M/s KITCO has been verified and found Correct asper the Agreement Conditions. She has further stated that asper Sub clause (ii) of Clause XI of the Government order first cited, Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) will transfer credit an amount of Rs. 30 crore earmarked for the preparation of Detailed Project Report, to the Partner Kerala Mission. This fund is available in the TSB asc No. 5771 maintained in the Sub Treasury, Vellayambalam.

Therefore, the Director, Partner Kerala Mission has requested to transfer creditan amount of Rs. 555.77 lakh from TSBa/c No.5771 maintainedin the SubTreasury, Velayambalam tothe SpecialTSBa/cNo. 100 maintained in the District Treasury, Thiruvananthapuram for the payment to the Transaction Advisor.

Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to accord sanction to release an amount of Rs.400.00 lakh kept in the TSBa/cNo. 5771 of KSUDP and maintained in the Sub Treasury, Vellayambalam with permission to transfer the amount to the Special TSBa/c No. 100 of Partner Kerala Mission Maintained in the District Treasury, Thiruvananthapuram for the payment to the Transaction Advisor subject to the case to case compliance and verification of payment asper the agreement.


(Local Self Government (DD DEPARTMENT, GO(Rt.) No. 1451/2015/LSGD., Tvpm, Dt. 15-05-2015)

Abstract:- Local Self Government Department - MGNREGS - Implementation of eFMS-Single eFMS debiting account-Engaging state Bank of Travancore asnodal Bank - Orders issued.

Read:- 1. GO. (Rt.) No. 1440/2014/LSGD dated 9-6-2014

2. No. K-1 1011/2/2008-NREGA (MON)/TS-NREGA Softdated 22.12.2014 from joint secretary (RE-1), Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

3. Note no. 200/EGS-C/2014/REGS from the Mission Director, MGNREGS.


In order to ensure seamless flow of wages to Mahatma Gandhi NREGS workers account, the State asper the directions of the Government of India, decided to implement Electronic Fund Management System (eFMS) all over the state at one go. The state switched over to the new system from 17-6-2013, with one debiting bank at State level (State Bank of India, Pattom Branch). In order to facilitate hassle free flow of funds, the state vide Government Order referred first paper above, decided to entrust 3 banks namely Canara Bank, State Bank of India, State Bank of Travancore asnodal banks for disbursing wages through FTOS sent by Grama Panchayats. ln orderto optimisethe utilisation offunds inthe Comingfinancial year, the Joint Secretary, videtheletterread as second paper above, issued the following instructions, to be carried out from 1st April, 2015 onwards.

(A) To ensure that the 100% eFMS for wage, material and administrative expenditure will be implemented and no payment will be allowed other than eFMS.

(B) All accounts at state and substate (except the only one e-FMS, account at State level) will be closed or maintained as zero balance account and to share single account details through state DBA option which will be used as single eFMS debiting account.

2) In order to implement administrative expenditure through eFMS provision in MIS is given for crediting fund to the account of various levels. Hence, all districts are requested to maintain all accounts at GP/BP and District to zero balance on or before 31-3-2015. Also, it is directed to maintain only one e-FMSaccount at the State level (only one Nodal Bank) instead of the three Nodal Banks. Government have analysed the performance of the three banks through the Mission Director, MGNREGS and are please to accord sanction to engage State Bank of Travancore as the sole bank for the operationalization of eFMS.

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