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No. Project Professional Charges
1 Upto Rs. 10 crore 1.50% of the Project Cost
2 Above Rs. 10 crore and upto Rs. 50 crore 1.25% of the Project Cost subject to a minimum of Rs. 15 lakh
3 Above Rs. 50 crore and upto Rs. 100 crore 1.00% of the Project Cost subject to a minimum of Rs. 62.50 lakh
4 Above Rs. 100 crore 0.75% of the Project Cost subject to a minimum of Rs. 100 lakh and a maximum of Rs. 300lakh

(Service tax shall be applicable for consultancy services at prevailing rates to be paid extra)

ii. The fee payable under item No. 1 above is firm, except for variations on account of charge in the scope of work. 

iii. The above professional charges indicated in Clause 3. (i) above shall be deemed to be inclusive of fees payable by TA to its sub-Consultants and associates, if any, and nothing extra whatsoever be payable by PKM.

iv. Any expenses related to travel outside India in connection with the project(s) shall be reimbursed at actuals on production of proof and supporting details and all such travel shall be with the permission in writing from PKM. 

v. All taxes, duties, cess etc. as applicable from time to time shall be payable in addition to the professional charges stated above and be paid along with the respective instalments. vi. The professional charges payable under item No above shall not include payments to third parties for goods supplied or services provided by them in connection with the work, such as advertisement charges, road shows, etc. Such expenses shall be met directly by PKM or reimbursed to TA at actuals on production of proof and supporting details. vii. After the completion of 1 year of operation from the date of Commissioning of the Project by the Developer, PKM reserves the right to availany technical, management and financial Consultancy services, as required, from TA at mutually agreed upon terms and conditions. As per clause 3.2 of the agreement that for the purpose of arriving at the project Cost for the Computation of professional charges, the cost of the following shall not be included:

i. Land cost
ii. Fees payable to local and/or statutory bodies. 

iii. Plan approval fee service Connection deposit/fee, etc. iv. Other Contingent expenditure like press advertisements, publicity, Cost of foundation stone-inaugural ceremony etc.

v. Payments on account of court orders on claims.
Payment schedule asper clause 4.0 of the agreement is as follows:- 

a) Rs. 1 (one) lakh as advance of along with the Work Order for each Project. b) 20% of the Professional Charges less advance of Rs. 1 (one) lakhon submission of draft feasibility report. c) 10% of the Professional Charges on submission of final feasibility report approved by Partner Kerala Mission.

(d) 10% of the Professional Charges on submission of draft (RFQ) document 

(e) 10% of the Professional Charges on submission of darft (REP) document including draft concession agreement. (f) 10% of the Professional Charges on finalization of Concession agreement with the Selected Bidder. g) 20% of the Professional Charges in 5 (five) equal instalments during the Construction phase on prorata basis depending upon the physical progress of the implementation of the Project as Certified by the independent Engineer.

The total professional charges as per clause 3(1) of the agreement for 23 projects is reported as Rs. 1648.78 lakh. However the present claim is only for the works so far done which is detailed below.
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