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Total Harmonic Distortion (voltage): Less than 10% Total Harmonic Distortion (Current): Less than 10% Electrical Connector: LeadWire with sufficient length and size and in sulation/Sheathing Life expectancy: More than 50,000 glow hours at 35°C Constant temperature with 70% lumen maintenance. Control Circuit: Constant Voltage or Constant Current Casing Material Water Proof, UV stabilized reinforced, Plastic or treated plastic or anticorrosive rustproof material with 1P 65/1P 66 Colour rendering Index : More than 70% Correlated colour correction Temperature: 4000 K to 6000K Heat Sink: Pressure Die Cast Aluminium Bend Pipe: B-Class Galvanized iron. Bracket, Clamp, Bolt and Nuts: Galvanized iron or Stainless steel Warranty: Three Years from the date of Commissioning 1.1 Expected Benefits: Savings in demand and energy by replacement of (2x40) Watts fluorescent lamp, 100 Watts Fluorescent Lamps and 100 Watts Metal Halide with 45 Watts LED Street Light is indicated as below: Load reduction Power consumption of each lamp 100 Watts Load reduction per unit 55 W Energy savings Total Power consumption of (2x40)W fluorescent lamp and Magnetic Choke 100 Watts Power consumption of LED Street Light 45 Watts Difference in power consumption = 100-45 = 55 Watts Average working hours per day 12 Energy saving per Light per year 55 x 12 x 365 = 2,40,9000 Watt hour = 241 kWh Energy saving per Light per year 241 Units/Year That is 241 units of electricity per year can be saved through the replacement of each lamp with 45 Watts LED Street Light. 2. 20 W LED street lighting system s (20E2) Watts LED Street Light and fittings shall meet the following parameters. Supply source: 150 AC volt - 270 AC volt Universal electronic driver with necessary surge protection. Frequency: 50Hz +/- allowable tolerance Total Power Consumption: (20E2) Watt (max). Number of LEDs up to 20 Totallumen output More than 1300 Lumens Make of LED: NCHIA/OSRAM/SEOUL/PHILIPS/LUMILED/ CREE/EDISON Beam Angle: 120 Degree Usage hours: 12 hrs per day Power Factor: More than 0.90 (Min.) Lag

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