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3. Considering the amendments to the Schedules I and II, the Mission Director, Mahatma Gandhi NREGS State Mission, as per the letter referred as second paper above, has brought to the notice of the Government, the following matters: 4. The quality of assets and their productivity have become serious concerns for the Scheme in the State. The creation of productive assets of prescribed quality and durability is one of the core objectives of the Scheme. 4.1. Many activities which were allowed in the earlier form of the Schedule I have been disallowed. Many new works have been incorporated and it has become part of the Schedule 1 of the Act that “works which are non-tangible, non-measurable, repetitive such as, removing grass, pebbles, agricultural operations, shall not be taken up,” Any violation of the provisions of the Act would attract penal action under section 25 of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGAct, 2005. 4.2. Further, while categorizing Mahatma Gandhi NERGS works into four (A, B, C and D), in case of creation of individual assets for vulnerable sections (category B) it has been expressly provided in para 5 of the Schedule 1 of the Act as follows: Works creating individuals assets shall be prioritized on land or homestead owned by households belonging to the: (a) Scheduled Castes (b) Scheduled Tribes (c) nomadic tribes (d) denotifies tribes (e) other families below the poverty line (f) women-headed households (g) physically handicapped headed households (h) beneficiaries of land reforms (i) beneficiaries under the Indira Awaas Yojana (i) beneficiaries under the Schedule Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 (2 of 2007) and after exhausting the eligible beneficiaries under the above categories, on lands of the small or marginal farmers as defined in the Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme, 2008 subject to the Condition that such households shall have a job card with at least one member willing to work on the project undertaken on their land or homestead. 4.3. As the Action Plan and the Shelf of Projects prepared during 2013-14 under the pre-revised pattern of Schedule 1 is relied upon for implementation during the Current financial year 2014-15, when the revised Schedules I &ll are legally binding on the Scheme and its stake-holders, it has led to an anomalous situation (which tends to dilute the "non-negotiables” prescribed by the amendedSchedules I & II), hampering Scheme implementation in the current year in tune with the revised norms. Hence, i. in order to align the implementation of the scheme and the works selected under the Scheme with the revised statutory provision (revised Schedules I & II of the Act); ii. to ensure quality and productivity of assets created; iii. to avoid works that are prohibited by law and iv. to ensure effective Convergence with other departmental Schemes, it has become imperative to incorporate the following checks in the process of implementation of the Scheme, hence forth, this financial year. 4.3.1. Only that works as specified in the amendedSchedule and capable of Creating productive assets shall be taken up for implementation hence forth. 4.3.2. All the Joint Programme Coordinators and Block Development Officers will ensure that not less than fifty (50) works, capable of generating assets, in different categories permitted by the amendedSchedule 1 are selected by the Grama Panchayats in the first phase from the existing Action Plan for 2014-15 and detailed estimates with expected outcomes of such works are drawn and technical sanction given. The President and Secretary of the Grama Panchayat concerned shall jointly certify in case of each work proposed to be taken that "it is in accordance with the amendedSchedules of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGAct 2005

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