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ESTABLISHMENT OF e-PAYMENT-OTHERREMOTE MODE COLLECTION AND ELECTRONICDSBURSEMENTFACLITIES FOR LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS INKERALA-IMPLEMENTATION OF i-COLLECTFACILITY THROUGHSB GROUP-ORDERS ISSUED (Local Self Government (IB) Department, G.O. (Rt) No. 687/2013/LSGD, Tvpm, Dt. 19-03-2013) Abstract:- Local Self Government Department - Establishment of e-Payment - other remote mode Collection and electronic disbursement facilities for Local Self Government Institutions in Kerala-Implementation of i-Collect facility through SB Group-orders issued. Read:- (1) G.O.(Ms) No. 98/2011/LSGD dated 28-05-2011. (2) Letter No. IKM/LoBE/Sanchaya/14/2012 dated 26-04-2012 from the Executive Chairman & Director, Information Kerala Mission. (3) Minutes of the meeting held by the Principal Secretary, Local Self Government Department on 02-01-2013. ORDER As per the Government order read as 1st paper above, Government have ordered that all interested Local Self Government Institutions in the State shall use e-Payment, other remote mode collections and electronic disbursement facilities managed by Information Kerala Mission (KM). To facilitate access of e-Payment facility to maximum number of citizens, as per the letter read as 2nd paper above, the Executive Chairman & Director, Information Kerala Mission has furnished a proposal for introducing the i-Collect facility and use of Point of Sale (POS) machines for revenue Collection in the Local Self Government Institutions of Kerala. Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to extend the scope of the order read as 1st paper above as follows: (i) Permissive sanction is accorded to the Local Government Institutions to establish facility to citizens for payment of all types of taxes and fees through the i-Collector similar facility (fund 687 collection through Internet banking) of the State Bank Group by installing Point of Sale (POS) machines at the cash counters of the Local Self Government Institutions (The instrument is used to debit amount directly from the account of the customers to the account of the Local Self Government Institutions, by swiping a Credit/Debit card). (ii) Payment of taxes can also be made directly through the Bank's cash counters at any of the designated State Banks branches in cash or fund transfer mode or through the e-Payment facility. (iii) Information Kerala Mission is designated as the facilitator of the facility and sanction is accorded to the Information Kerala Mission to open a pooling account exclusively for managing the e-Payment facility of taxes and fees. (iv) In all the above cases, in addition to the tax/fees amount, usual transaction charge of the banks as applicable shall also be paid by the citizen. (v) The Collection madethrough this facility shall be credited by the concerned bank to the pooling account of Information Kerala Mission, on the next working day. (vi) In addition, the bank will forward a digital statement of transactions list (in XML/CSV format) to the server of the Local Self Government Department at State Data Centre. After reconciliation, Information Kerala Mission shall Credit the amount to the account of the concerned Local Self Government Institution through the RTGS/NEFT money-transfer facility. The reconciliation should be done in the next day itself. (vii) After posting the amount against the demand, the tax receipt details shall be send to the mobile number of the Customers through SMS (if provided), so that they can view status of their payment and download the receipt through website. (viii) For introducing the i-Collect facility through the cash transfer mode and net banking, the Local Self Government Department server and State Bank Group server will be integrated. Once the server to server integration is completed, the demand particulars pertaining to all kinds of tax and fees payable to the Local Self Government Institutions shall be directly fetched by the i-Collect facility from the digital database resting in the State Data Centre. By introducing this facility, the demand data can be updated in real time basis, so that, the general public can view their demand Over the Internet and effect payment instantly.