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Local Self Government (AA) Department, G.O.(M.S) No. 308/2010/LSGD, TVpm, Dt. 23-12-2010)

Abstract:- Local Self Government Department-Prescribing the mandatory use of application Softwares Saankhya and Sulekha in all Local Self Government Institutions - orders issued

Read:- 1) G.O.(M.S) No. 8/07/LSGD dt. 06-01-2007 2) G.O.(M.S) No. 128/2007/LSGD dt. 14-05-2007 3) G.O.(M.S) No. 4240/08/2009/LSGD dt. 05-12-2008 ) ) 4) G.O.(Rt.) No. 1694/2009/LSGD dt. 09-07-2009 5) G.O.(M.S) No. 23/10/LSGD dt. 04-02-2010


Government issued detailed guidelines for the preparation of annual Plan 2007-2008 and XIth Five Year Plan by Local Government as per 2nd paper above. Government prescribed in Para 4.14 the guideline appended to the G.O. that the Prescribed Expenditure Statement for the Five Year Plan 2002-2007, the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12) Document and Five other documents should also be given in electronic form using software to be developed and supported by IKM. From the year 2007-08, the Annual Plan Documents are being submitted to the DPC by all the Local Governments in the State using the application software Sulekha, developed by Information Kerala Mission (KM). The District Planning Committee (DPC) has been issuing their proceedings, granting approval for the Annual Plans of Local Government using Sulekha Application from the year 2007-2008.

2. Government as per the G.O.(M.S) No. 8/07 Local Self Government Department dt. 06-01-2007, launched a pilot project to introduce Double Entry, Accrual based system of Accounting in all the five Municipal Corporations and in the Municipalities, Alappuzha and Thalassery with effect from 1st April 2007. Government ordered the implementation of the Software developed by the Information Kerala Mission in Compliance with the Kerala Municipal Accounts Manual in Kozhikode Corporation and Kannur Municipality with effect from 1st April 2009 asper the G.O. (Rt) No. 1240/08/Local Self Government Department dt. 0512-2008. Government also ordered the implementation of the revenue module developed by the Information Kerala Mission in other six Urban Local Governments viz. Trivandrum, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur, Alappuzha and Thalassery and handling of all receipts through this modules. Government ordered in the G.O.(M.S) No. 23/10/Local Self Government Department dt, 04-02-2010 that Information Kerala Mission shall take all necessary steps to install the Saankhya Software, integrated with Sanchaya (Revenue Module), Sthapana (Establishment Module) and Sulekha (Plan Formulation and Monitoring Module) in all the remaining Urban Local Bodies in the State excluding six pilot Urban Local bodies immediately, so that the accounting process from 1st April 2010 shall be in Saankhya Software in all those Urban Local Bodies in the State. After successful implementation of the software in those Urban Local Bodies the same shall be extended to the pilot Urban Local Bodies also. From the beginning of the year 2010-11 all the above mentioned Urban Local Bodies have been conducting their, accounting process using Saankhya Software.

3. In the G.O. (Rt) No. 1694/2009/Local Self Government Department dt. 09-07-2009 Government, with a view to introducing accrual based accounting system in the Panchayats, ordered the Constitution of a Guidance Team and a writing Team for drafting the Kerala Panchayat Raj (ACCounts) Rules and the Kerala Panchayat Raj (ACCounts) Manual. The Draft Rules and Draft Manuals have been received by Government and the Draft Rules are undergoing scrutiny by the Law Department Government intends to introduce accrual based double entry accounting system in all the Three Tier Panchayats in the State from 1st April 2011.

4. Government, having examined in detail all aspects relating to the need for total computerization of the Accounting System and Plan Monitoring system of the Local Self Government Institutions in the State, hereby reiterates that all the Local Self Government Institutions in the state shall maintain their accounting system and Plan Monitoring System using Saankhya and Sulekha software respectively, developed by the Information

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