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salary of December 2010 payable in the 3rd week of December. No further extension of time will be granted for joining the Scheme under any circumstances. The premium in respect of all employees should be credited to the head of account "8658 - suspense ACCounts, 102 - Suspense ACCounts (Civil), 88-Group Personal Accident Insurance Fund and furnish the recovery particulars in Form II which contain the name and designation of employees from whom the premium was recovered in triplicate to the concerned Treasury Officer along with the salary bill. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer / Cheque issuing Officer will be personally liable for the non-enrolment of employees coming under him. In the case of Self Drawing officer, the officer himself will beliable to ensure the enrolment.

(iii) The Cheque issuing Officers of the Government Department should furnish the schedule in triplicate along with the cheques to the Concerned Treasury, (iv) in the case of all other institutions the officer authenticated to draw and disburse salary of the employees shall deduct the premium from the salary for the month of November 2010. In case of any spill over the same should remit in the Treasury under the head of account 8658-Suspense ACCOunts, 102-Suspense ACCounts (Civil), 88- Group Personal Accident Insurance Fund on or before 31.12.2010 along with the recovery particulars in Form II which contain the name and designation of the employee from whom the premium was recovered in triplicate to the concerned treasury.

(v) All the Heads of Department / Office must ensure that all employees including employees on deputation and Leave Without Allowances for the month of November 2010 and December, 2010 are covered under the Scheme. In those cases the premium should invariably be remitted to the Drawing & Disbursing Officer, where the lien of the employee is attached through Form TR5 / proper receipt. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer/authorized officer in other cases should remit the collection under form TR5/proper receipt to the head of account 8658-Suspense ACCounts, 102-Suspense ACCounts (Civil), 88 - Group Personal Accident Insurance Fund with separate schedule in triplicate in the treasury. Those employees who are under suspension will have to remit the premium in person to the concerned Treasury in TR5/proper receipt with four copies of Form II. One copy of the schedule may beforwarded to ACCountant General, one copy Countersigned may be forwarded to Drawing / Disbursing Officer mentioned in para 5 and one Copy may be forwarded to Director of Insurance.

(vi) The Treasury Officer should forward the schedule detailing the insured person along with the Demand Draft to the Director of Insurance, Thiruvananthapuram. One Copy of the schedule may be forwarded Accountant General and one copy countersigned by the Treasury Officer should be kept by Drawing and Disbursing Officer/Cheque issuing Officer/Officer authenticated to draw and disburse the salary. In the case of Self-Drawing Officers, the Countersigned schedule should be made available in the District level office or higher authority as the case may be.

(vii) The Treasury Officers are authorized to take the Demand Draft for premia amount towards Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2011 in favour of Director of Insurance, Thiruvananthapuram.

(viii) The Treasury Officers are permitted to draw the amount of premia towards Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2011 from the suspense account 8658-102-88 for the limited purpose of taking the Demand Draft. The Treasury officer should ensure that the Demand Draft is delivered to Director of Insurance, Thiruvananthapuram on or before 05.01.2011. The Director of Insurance will furnish Government a report regarding total amount of premium received and the total number of employees enrolled in the Scheme on or before 31.01.2011.

(ix) The new entrants in service who joins duty on or after 01.01.2011 will not be covered under the Scheme for the year 2011. They shall wait till November 2011 to join the scheme, when the Scheme is renewed for next year.

8. Renewal of Policy i. Before one month prior to the expiry of term of the policy inforce the Government will issue orders for the renewal of the policy for the succeeding year. ii. The procedure laid down in paragraph 7 shall also apply for renewing the policy.

9. Obligation of the members to give authorization

(i) On commencement of the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2011 (01.01.2011) every employee Coming under this Scheme should submit the Form within a period of two weeks which contains the name and address of his/her nominees who shall receive the benefits due to him/her of the policy in case he/she is incapacitated to receive it or if he/she predeceases the nominee due to the accident and the

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