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ii. Minor sons

iii. Unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters.

iv. Major sons (sons who have attained legal majority)

v. Married daughters

vi. Parents

vii. Minor brothers

viii. Unmarried sisters

ix. Children of a pre-deceased son or daughter

X. The paternal grandparents/material grandparents.

Note: items ii, iii, iv and v include step children, adopted children, posthumous children and item (vi) include adoptive parents.

(d) "Medical Board' means a singleman Medical Board or the standing Medical Board Constituted by the

Director of Health Services.

(e) Member means the person whose life is proposed to be insured.

(f) insured Person means the member who has insured his life under the scheme.

(g) “Premium means the payment made by or on behalf of the Insured Persons to Kerala State Insurance Department as consideration for the Policy.

(h) “Policy means Grouppersonal accident Insurance policy taken for the benefit of the members under this scheme.

(i) “Government means the Government of Kerala.

3. Eligibility to become a policy holder

All State Governmentemployees and teachers including part time contingent employees, Teaching and non-teachingstaff of AidedSchools and Aided Colleges, employees of Panchayath and Municipal Common Service including part time contingent employees, employees of Universities, Public Sector Undertakings, Co-Operative Institutions, Autonomous Bodies, other Government Institutions' shall be members of the shceme. The employees retiring during the currency of the policy shall be Covered until expiry of the same.

4. Premium

The Insured shall have to pay annual premium of Rs. 100/-, inclusive of Service tax for an assured sum of Rs. Eight lakh. The premium and the Sum assured fixed is for the year 2011.

5. Officer of the Insured

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer the District level officer / any higher authorities in the case of Self Drawing Officer, cheque issuing officer for irrigation, PWD, Forest and Harbour Engineering Departments, Office head/the officer authenticated to draw and disburse the salary in all other cases.

6. Contingencies covered and Compensation admissible for Accident.

The Compensation admissible shall be as follows:-

SI. No. Contingencies Covered Compensation .

1.Death due to Accident 100% of sum insured

2. Loss of 2 limbs or sight of both eyes 100% of sum insure and one limb and sight of one eye due to accident

3. Loss of one limb or sight of one eye due to Accident 5% of sum insured

4. Permanent total disablement due to Accident 100% of sum insured.

Provided that no compensation shall be paid for death or disablement as described above arising out of intentional self-injury, suicide, attempted suicide, death or disablement due to accident while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs and death or disablement while breaching law with Criminal intent.

7. Procedure for applying for Insurance policy -

(i) On commencement of this scheme, the Kerala State insurance Department will issue a policy covering all employees coming underpara 3 of this Order, who have remitted annual premium of Rs. 100/-

(ii) The Drawing and Disbursing Officer/Self Drawing Officer deduct the premium of Rs. 100/- per employee from all the categories of employees included in the Scheme from the salary for the month of November 2010 payable in December. In case of any spill over, the same should be recovered from the

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