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3. Running or veterinary dispensaries.

4. Running of ICDP sub-centres.

iii. Minor irrigation

All minor irrigation schemes within the area of a Village Panchayat.

1. All micro irrigation schemes.

iv. Fisheries

1. Development of fisheries in ponds and freshwater and brackish water, fish Culture, mariculture.

2. Fish seed production and distribution.

3. Distribution of fishing implements.

4. Fish marketing assistance.

v. Social Forestry

1. Raising of fodder, fuel and fruit trees

vi. Housing

1. Implementation of rural housing programmes.

2. Implementation of shelter upgradation programmes.

vii. Water Supply

1. Running of water supply schemes covering one village Panchayat.

2. Setting up of water supply schemes covering one village Panchayat.

viii. Electricity And Energy

1. Streetlighting

ix. Education

1. Management of Government pre-primary schools and Government primary schools.

x. Public Works

1. Construction and maintenance of village roads within the village panchayat.

2. Construction of buildings for institutions transferred.

xi. Public Health And Sanitation

1. Management of dispensaries and primary health centres and sub-centres (in all systems of medicine).

2. Management of child welfare centres andmaternity homes.

xii. Social Welfare

1. Running of anganwadies.

xiii. Poverty Alleviation

1. Providing Community assets of continuing benefit to the poor.

xiv. Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes Development

1. Provision of basic amenities in Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes habitats.

xv. Sports And Cultural affairs

1. Construction of playgrounds.

xvi. Natural Calamities Relief

1. Management of relief centres

2. Organisation of relief works (Repair works to assets will be divided and carried out by the Panchayat in charge of the assets)

Annex 2: Steps and Processes to be followed in Consultancy Service Selections


The Terms of Reference should include:

A precise statement of objectives

An outline of the tasks to be carried out

A schedule for completion of tasks

The support/inputs provided by the client

The final outputs that will be required of the Consultant

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