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GOVERNMENT ORDERS 683 Desktop computer

Intel celeron dual core processor 2GHz or better or Intel Pentium Dual Core processor

533 MHz frontside bus or better

Intel chipset with intelor OEM motherboard having OEM or intel logo embossed on it

2GB DDR-2 RAM, Maximum upgradeability to 4GB or better

160GB Serial ATA Harddisk (2 Nos. for redundancy)

16 X or better DVD Rom drive

17-inch colour TFT LCD monitor

10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Card, PXE enabled for remotebooting and install facility Windows keyboard and optical scrollmouse with pad

2 front panel high speed USB 2.0 ports and Audio ports 2 USB Ports, 1 serial and parallel port at rear Localised power cords

Built in Multimedia sound Active Management technology support preferable

Certification from Microsoft for Windows XP/Vista (the model offered should be listed on the certifier website and should be verifiable)

Windows XP Professional preloaded with license and media Drivers for components/devices should be digitally signed by Microsoft.

3 year comprehensive onsite warranty, direct from Manufacturer EstimatedmzX. price Rs. 26,500/-

Dotmatrix printer

9 pin, 80 column dot matric printer

Print speed of 300 cps for draft (10 cpi), minimum speed for LCR-80 cps (10 cpi)

Serial/USB and parallel ports, preferably with autosense to select the port

Necessary software including drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003

3 year comprehensive warranty onsite

Estimated price: Rs. 7,000/-


600VA offline UPS

Quasi-sine wave output with less than 45% THD for normal computer load, when running on batteries

Option for Connecting external batteries for 2-hour backup on full load. SMF lead acid battery. Battery (ies) shall be of reputed makes such as panasonic/Yuasa/APC/Rocket or equivalent

Input voltage range should support normal operating voltage ranges in Kerala.

Test certificates from reputed national laboratories such ERTL,

CPR etc. for the model quoted shall be enclosed with technical proposal

3-year comprehensive onsite warranty for UPS and minimum 2-year for battery. Estimated Price: Rs. 7,000/-

After having examined the matter in detail, Government are pleased to grant permission to the Grama Panchayats to provide computer and related equipments not exceeding Rs. 40,000/- (Rupees Forty Thousand only) to the newly started MaveliStores asper the renewed specification suggested by the Information Kerala Mission.

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