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Read: 1. G.O.(M.S) No. 205/2004/LSGD dated, 22.6.2004.

2. Note dated 17.05.2007 from the Executive Mission Director, Information Kerala Mission.

3. Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of Information Kerala Mission held on 2.6.2007.

4. G.O.(M.S) No. 62/99/ITD dated 22-4-1999.

5. G.O.(M.S) No. 3/2000/ITD dated 22-2-2000.


Government as per the Government Order read as 1st paper above finalised the specifications of equipment and other items for the implementation of e-governance in Local Governments.

The Executive Mission Director, Information Kerala Mission in his note read as second paper above, submitted before Government that the specifications finalized has since been updated by KM to reflect the technological advancements. It was further reported to Government that the DGS&D, Government of India has rate contract for procurement of IT equipments. Executive Mission Director, Information Kerala Mission has requested for Government Orders on procurement of hardware by Local Governments directly at DGS&D rates.

The Executive Committee of IKM in its meeting held on 02.06.2007 as Agenda No.7.5.2 - other items, has since decided as follows:-

"In order to facilitate ease of maintenance of Computers, it is recommended that those vendors, from among the vendors authorised for supply of Computers under DGS&D approved rates, having support service in Kerala may be called by KM and the computers to be supplied allotted to them in equal numbers in a transparent manner ensuring geographical contiguity of Panchayat assigned to each vendor".

As per the GO's referred to 4th and 5th above, IT Department has identified Total Solution Providers (TSP) who can facilitate procurement of hardware.

In the above circumstances Governmentare pleased to authorise procurement of the following items, as per approved specifications by the Local Governments directly from among the approved DGS&D vendors and Total Solution Providers willing to facilitate supply of hardware matching DGS&D rates including the rates payable to them and all vendors having supportfacility in Kerala and also to authorise KM to workout a framework to facilitate such procurement assessing the support service facilities of the DGS&D and TSP vendors in Kerala, ensuring geographical contiguity of Local Governments to be assigned to each vendor in a transparent manner.

S/N item DGS&D item number

1. Server computer 5, 28, 29

2. Client/Desktop Computer 1, 29

3. DotMatrix Printer - 24-Pin, 136-Column 160

4. Dot Matrix Printer-24-pin, 80-Column 159

5. Modem 69

6. 8-Port EthernetSwitch 184

7. Networking 203, 204, 205, 207,208,209, 211,213, 214, 215, 216

While selecting the vendors, apart from the DGS&D rates, the following minimum after-sale service conditions also shall be ensured by IKM.

a) The period of Warranty-Three year warranty for all the systems and peripherals.

b) Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) after the warranty period - After the 3 year warranty period a comprehensive on-site warranty at least for 4 years at a rate not exceeding 4% per annum may be insisted.

c) Response time and down time- if there is any failure/defect noticed in any system or peripheral the vendor shall respond not later than four hours from the time of reporting over telephone or e-mail or fax whichever is earlier. If the defect is not rectified within 24 hours, the Vendor shall provide stand-by machines.

It is further ordered that IKM may take a prudent decision on purchasing and installation of UPS by arriving at an agreement through Keltron or permit the Local Governments to procure this through a limited tender (equipment matching the specification, including four hour back-up duration) in a quite transparent manner.

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