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The Local Self Government Department, Director of Panchayats, and Commissioner for Rural Development shall ensure strict compliance of this order.

                                           തെരുവുവിളക്കുകൾക്ക് മീറ്റർ സ്ഥാപിക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള മാർഗ്ഗരേഖകൾ സംബന്ധിച്ച് ഉത്തരവ്
               (Corporate Office (Commercial Cell), B.O.(FB)No:496/2004 ( 3515/98), TVPM, dt. 23.02.04.) 
                                                                            Kerala State Electricity Board 

Abstract:- Metered supply of Electricity for streetlights- Guidelines and principles for implementation-orders issued. Read:- 1. G.O (Rt) No. 278/99/PD dated 11.10.1999

2. Report dated March 2000 of the committee Constituted to study the problems faced by the local bodies on the street lighting system and allied matters.

3. G.O.(R) No. 213/01/PD dated 18.10.2001.

4. Letter No. Plg.Com 3515/98/195 dated 23.07.2003 of Deputy Chief Engineer (commercial).

5. G.O.(M.S) No.34/2003/PD dated 02.12.2003.

6. Proceedings of the Board meeting dated 22.01.2004 (Agenda item No. 17/2004)


In the Government order read as 1st paper, Government have constituted a committee for suggesting remedial measures to the various issues relating to streetlights and allied matters. Government have accepted the recommendations of the committee (with certain modifications) and accorded sanction for implementation of metered supply of electricity for street lights vide Government order read as 5th paper. The Board has decided to adopt the Government order. Accordingly the following guidelines and principles are issued for implementation of metered supply of electricity for streetlights:

1. The Metered supply shall be provided for streetlights whenever the Local Bodies furnish their option, as per the terms and conditions enumerated here under. No Cutoff date is prescribed for exercising the option by the Local Body.

2. For the purpose of providing metered supply for streetlights, the Local Bodies shall bear the cost of energy meters, metering arrangement, meter boxes, Connecting wire fuses, control switch etc., for the initial installation as well as periodical replacement and installation charges as well as the charges of providing connection. In view of the difficulties expressed by the representatives of Local Self Government for the procurement of the energy meters by the Local bodies, the KSE Board will purchase and sell the energy meters to the local bodies at a standard rate.

For the purpose of giving connections, the following charges shall have to be borne by the local body.

1. Towards the cost of energy meters, (electronic meter) metering arrangement, meterbox, connecting wire; fuse, on-off switch etc the local body shall remit an amount of Rupees 8350/- (Rupees eight thousand three hundred and fifty only) per metering point. This does not cover the cost for periodical replacement and installation charges and charges for providing Connections.

2. The charges for initial installation and for providing connections (OYEC) - shall be Rupees 750/- (Rupees seven hundred and fifty only) per service. The total charges for metered supply is Rupees 9100/- (Rupees nine thousand and one hundred only). If the Electronic Meter is supplied by Local body, then the cost of metering (item (1)) will be less by Rupees 1000/- (Rupees One thousand only).

3. The specification of meter, fuses, control switch, Connecting wire etc and standard design of the meter box and its installation arrangement shall be according to the details given in Annexure-1, 11 & 111.

4. A standard estimate for the fabrication and installation of the meter box is shown in Annexure-1. This includes Cost of meter and all other materials and labour mentioned in para 2. The Local bodies shall have the option either to manufacture and erect the meter boxes including all material as per the above specification themselves or remit the standard rate to KSE Board.

5. The installation of Meter and providing connection shall be done by the Board at the cost of the Local Bodies. The installation of the meter box on the service post shall be such that it shall be 1.5 M above ground

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