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[See Sections 19 and 25]
SI. No. Item Norms and Standards .
1. Number of teachers:
(a) For first class to fifth class Admitted children Number of teachers
Up to sixty TWO
Between sixty-one to ninety Three
Between ninety one to one hundred and twenty Four
Between one hundred and twenty one to two hundred Five
Above one hundred and fifty children Five plus one Head teacher
Above two hundred children Pupil-Teacher ratio( excluding Head teacher) shall not exceed forty
(b) For sixth class to eighth class (1) At least one teacher per class so that there shall be at least one teacher each four-
(i) Science and Mathematics;
(ii) Social Studies;
(iii) Languages.
(2) At least one teacher for every thirty-five children
(3) Where admission of children is above one hundred-
(i) a full time Head-Teacher;
(ii) part time instructors for-
(A) Art Education
(B) Health and physical Education;
(C) Work Education.
2. Building All-weather building consisting of-
(i) at least one class room for every teacher and an office-cum-store -cum- Head teacher's room;
(ii) barrier-free access;
(iii) separate toilets for boys and girls;
(iv) safe and adequate drinking water facility to all children;
(v) a kitchen where mid-day meals is cooked in the school;
(vi) Play ground;
(vii) arrangements for securing the school building by boundary wall or fencing.
3. Minimum number of working days/instructional hours in an academic year
(i) two hundred working days for first class to fifth class;
(ii) two hundred and twenty working days for sixth class to eighth class;
(iii) eight hundred instructional hours per academic year for first class to fifth class,
(iv) one thousand instructional hours per academic year for sixth class to eighth class
4. Minimum number of working hours per week for the teacher Forty-five teaching including preparation hours.
5. Teaching learning equipment Shall be provided to each class as required.
6. Library There shall be a library in each School providing newspaper, magazines and books on all subjects, including story-books.
7. Play material, games and sports equipment shall be provided to each class as required
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