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Sub:- Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 - Issue of Extracts in form No. 9 and 10. At present the Registrars of various Registration units are filling the title column in the extracts from Nos. 9 and 10 with the name of the Registration Units, Department of Panchayat etc. In the conference of the Inter-Departmental Committees on Vital Statistics, dated 15th September, 1972 it has been decided that against the title columns "Departments of..." in form Nos. 9 (extracts) the name of the concerned Registration Units should alone be entered. The District Registrar/District Panchayat Officers are requested to communicate the contents of this letter among the Executive Officers/Registrars of Births and Deaths under their jurisdiction. Letter No. VSI. 45381/72, dated 24th October, 1972 from the Director of Panchayats. Sub:- Registration of Births and Deaths - Delay in Registration - Clarification regarding. An instance has come to my notice wherein a person has informed an event to the Registrar of Births and Deaths 10 months after the occurrence of the event. As per rule 10 (2) of the Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, sanction of the District Registrar was required for registering the event. In the State the District Registrar is the Officer specified to give the written permission of the District Registrar and also to pay the fine of rupees three only. By the time he produced the sanction under rule 10 (2) one year has elapsed and therefore sanction from First Class Magistrate has become necessary for registering the event as provided under rule 10 (3). This has caused much hardship, loss and inconvenience to the party. A doubt has arisen in this case as to whether the Registrar can register the event on the date on which the first information was received by him or whether it has to be registered on a later date, on which the action as per rule 10(3) is produced. Actually the delay in this case was caused due to the delay in obtaining the written permission of the Officer specified. In this connection may purpose the following procedures one of which may be adopted in such CaSeS. (2) The Registrar can enter the details of the events, received from the informant in all the relevant columns in the Register of Births or Deaths as the case may be except the column for signature of the informant and of the Registrar on the very first day on which the information is received. The above two columns can be filled up after receipt of the sanction required under rule 10 (2) or 10 (3) as the case may be. This will avoid delay in registering the event in a later date. After completion of the registration, thus, the Registrar can issue the free extract under Section 12 of the Act. In the case the party does not turn up even after a lapse of reasonable period the entries can be cancelled by the Registrar as per Rules. (b) The Registrar can Wait and register the event after obtaining the sanction required under rule 10(2) or 10(3) as aforesaid. But it may be noted that in adopting the later procedure, it would cause much inconvenience to the public. The informants will have to pay the late fee of Rs. 5 under Rule 10(3) and it would also upset the chronological order of registration. request that the above points may kindly be examined and necessary instruction may kindly be issued so as to enable me to advise the Registrar suitably. REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS ACT-AUTHORISATION OFOFFICERS- CLARIFICATION Sub:- Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 - Authorisation of Officers - Clarification Regarding. I am directed to invite your attention to the reference cited and to inform you that it would not be legally correct to include Class I and Class II Officers of the Central Government, within the Scope of the Notification (II) published under SRO. No. 348/71, dated 9th September, 1971 by issuing a amendment to the said notification by invoking the provision contained in Section 13(2) of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (Central Act, 1969). The expression "any other Officer" used in Section 13(2) of the said Act should take in only the State Government Officers. Government letter No. 50888/MPSpl.4/72/ LA&SWD/dt. 19-12-1973 REGISTRATION OF BIRTH OF A CHILD BORN TO IN DUBAI Copy of the letter No. 1-2 (Clarification)/74/VS dated 18/20-4-1974 of the Assistant Registrar General (VS) Government of India, clarifying the way in which the registration of a childborn at Dubai has to be made is reproduced below for the information of all concerned.

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