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                                ===== CHAPTER IV-

16. Registrars to keep registers in the prescribed form.- (1) Every Registrar shall keep in the prescribed form a register of births and deaths for the registration area or any part thereof in relation to which he exercises jurisdiction.

(2) The Chief Registrar shall cause to be printed and supplied a sufficient number of register books for making entries of births and deaths according to such forms and instructions as may, from time to time, be prescribed; and a copy of such forms in the local language shall be posted in some conspicuous place on or near the Outer door of the office of every Registrar.

17. Search of births and deaths register.- (1) Subject to any rules made in this behalf by the State Government, including rules relating to the payment of fees and postal charges, any person may-
(a) Cause a search to be made by the Registrar for any entry in a register of births and deaths; and
(b) Obtain an extract from such register relating to any birth or death:

Provided that no extract relating to any death, issued to any person, shall disclose the particulars regarding the cause of death as entered in the register.
(2) All extracts given under this section shall be certified by the registrar or any other officer authorised by the State Government to give such extracts as provided in section 76 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872), and shall be admissible in evidence for the purpose of proving the birth or death to which the entry relates.

18. Inspection of registration offices.- The registration offices shall be inspected and the registers kept therein shall be examined in such manner and by such authority as may be specified by the District Registrar.
19. Registrars to send periodical returns to the chief Registrar for compilation.- (1) Every Registrar shall send to the Chief Registrar or to any officer specified by him, at such intervals and in such form as may be prescribed, a return regarding the entries of births and deaths in the register kept by Such Registrar.
(2) The Chief Registrar shall cause the information in the returns furnished by the Registrar to be complied and shall publish for the information of the public a statistical report on the registered births and deaths during the year at such intervals and in such form as may be prescribed.

                                       ==== CHAPTER V-
                                       MISCELLANEOUS ====

20. Special provision as to registration of births and deaths of citizens outside India-(1) The Registrar General shall, subject to such rules as may be made by the Central Government in this behalf, cause to be registered information as to births and deaths of citizens of India outside India received by him under the rules relating to the registration of such citizens at Indian Consulates made under the Citizenship Act, 1955 (57 of 1955), and every such registration shall also be deemed to have been duly made under this Act.
(2) In the case of any child born outside India in respect of whom information has not been received as provided in sub-section (1), if the parents of the child return to India with a view to settling therein, they may at any time within sixty days from the date of the arrival of the child in India, get the birth of the child registered under this Act in the same manner as if the child was born in India and the provisions of Section 13 shall apply to the birth of such child after the expiry of the period of sixty days aforesaid.

21. Power of Registrar to obtain information regarding birth or death- The Registrar may either orally or in Writing require any person to furnish any information within his knowledge in connection with a birth or death in the locality within which such person resides and that person shall be bound to comply with such requisition.

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