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1.19 Production and manufacturing processes?
1.20 Facilities for storage of goods or materials?
1.21 Facilities for treatment or disposal of solid waste or liquid effluents?
1.22 Facilities for longterm housing of operational workers?
1.23 New road, rail or sea traffic during Construction or operation?
1.24 New road, rail, air Waterborne or other transport infrastructure including new or altered routes and stations, ports, airports etc?
1.25 Closure or diversion of existing transport routes or infrastructure leading to changes in traffic movements?
1.26 New Ordiverted transmission lineS Or pipelines?
1.27 Impoundment, damming, culverting, realignment or other changes to the hydrology of watercourses or aquifers?
1.28 Stream and river crossings?
1.29 Abstraction ortransfers of Waterform ground or surface waters?
1.30 Changes in Water bodies or the land surface affecting drainage or run-off?
1.31 Transport of personnel or materials for Construction, operation or decommissioning?
1.32 Long-term dismantling or decommissioning orrestoration works?
1.33 Ongoing activity during decommissioning which could have an impact on the environment?
1.34 Influx of people to an area in either temporarily or permanently?
1.35 introduction of alien species?
1.36 Loss of native species or genetic diversity?
1.37 Any other actions?

2. Use of Natural resources for construction or operation of the Project (such as land, water, materials or energy, especially any resources which are non-renewable or in short Supply):

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