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S. No. Information/Checklist confirmation yes/no Details thereof ( with) appproximate quanitites/rates wherever possible) with source of information data
1.1 Permanent or temporary change in land use, land cover or topography including increase in intensity of land use (with respect to local land use plan)
1.2 Details of CRZ classification as per the approved Coastal Zone Management Plan?
1.3 Whether located in CRZ-I area?
1.4 The distance from the CRZ-I areas.
1.5 Whether located within the hazard zone as mapped by Ministry of Environment and Forests/National Disaster Management Authority?
1.6 Whether the area is prone to cyclone, tsunami, tidal surge, subduction, earthquake etc.?
1.7 Whether the area is prone for saltwater ingress?
1.8 Clearance of existing land, vegetation and buildings?
1.9 Creation of new land uses?
1.10 Pre-construction investigations e.g. bore hole, soil testing?
1.11 Construction works?
1.12 Demolition works?
1.13 Temporary sites used for construction works or housing of construction workers?
1.14 Above ground buildings, structures or earthworks including linear structures, cut and fill or excavations
1.15 Underground works including mining or tunneling?
1.16 Reclamation works?
1.17 Dredging/reclamation/land filling/disposal of dredged material etc.?
1.18 Offshore structures?
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