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(i) the total plot size shall not be less than 0.4 hectares and the total covered area on all floors shall not exceed 33 percent of the plot size i.e., the Floor Space Index shall not exceed 0.33 and the open area shall be suitably landscaped with appropriate vegetal cover;

(j) the construction shall be consistent with the surrounding landscape and local architectural style;

(k) the overall height of construction upto the highest ridge of the roof, shall not exceed 9 metres and the construction shall not be more than two floors (ground floor plus one upper floor);

(l) groundwater shall not be tapped within 200metre of the High Tide Line; within the 200metre 500metre zone it can be tapped only with the concurrence of the Central or State Ground Water Board;

(m) extraction of sand, leveling or digging of sandy stretches except for structural foundation of building, swimming pool shall not be permitted within 500 metres of the High Tide Line;

(n) the quality of treated effluents, solid wastes, emissions and noise levels and the like, from the project area must conform to the standards laid down by the competent authorities including the Central or State Pollution Control Board and under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986;

(0) necessary arrangements for the treatment of the effluents and solid wastes must be made and it must be ensured that the untreated effluents and solid wastes are not discharged into the water or on the beach; and no effluent or solid waste shall be discharged on the beach;

(p) to allow public access to the beach, atleast a gap of 20metres width shall be provided between any two hotels or beach resorts; and in no case shall gaps be less than 500metres apart; and

(q) if the project involves diversion of forestland for non-forest purposes, clearance as required under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 shall be obtained and the requirements of other Central and State laws as applicable to the project shall be met with; and

(r) approval of the State or Union territory Tourism Department shall be obtained.

II. In ecologically sensitive areas (such as marine parks, mangroves, coral reefs, breeding and spawning grounds of fish, wildlife habitats and such other area as may be notified by the Central or State Government Union territories) construction of beach resorts or hotels shall not be permitted

Form-l for seeking clearance for project attracting CRZ notification

Basic information:

Name of the Project
Location or site alternatives under consideration:
Size of the project (in terms of total area) :
CRZ classification of the area:
Expected cost of the project:
Contact Information:

(11) Activity

1. Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions, which will cause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in water bodies, and the like)

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