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communities such as dispensaries, roads, schools, and the like, shall be indicated on the cadastal Scale maps. States shall prepare detailed plans for long term housing needs of Coastal fisher communities in view of expansion and other needs, provisions of basic services including sanitation, safety, and disaster preparedness.
8. No developmental activities other than those listed above shall be permitted in the areas between the hazard line and 500mts or 100mts or width of the Creek on the landward side. The dwelling unit of the local communities including that of the fishers will not be relocated if the dwelling units are located on the seaward side of the hazard line. The State Government will provide necessary safeguards from natural disaster to such dwelling units of local communities.
9. The Water areas of CRZ IV shall be demarcated and clearly demarcated if the water body is sea, lagoon, backwater, creek, bay, estuary and for such classification of the water bodies the terminology used by Naval Hydrographic Office shall be relied upon.
10. The fishing Zones in the water bodies and the fish breeding areas shall be clearly marked.
11. The water area shall be demarcated indicating the pollution levels as per Central Pollution Control Board standards on water quality.
12. In the CRZ V areas the land use maps shall be superimposed on the Coastal Zone Management Plan and clearly demarcating the CRZ I, II, lll, IV.
13. The existing authorized developments on the seaward side shall be clearly demarcated.
14. The features like cyclone shelters, rain shelters, helipads and other infrastructure including road network may be clearly indicated on the CZM Maps for the purpose of rescue and relief operations during cyclones, storms, tsunami and the like.

III. CZMPs approved by MoEF in accordance with CRZ notification, 1991
1. While preparing the CZMPs under CRZ notification, 2011, the CZMPs that have been approved under the CRZ Notification, 1991 shall be compared. A justification shall be provided by the concerned CZMA in case the CZMPs prepared under CRZ notification, 2011 varies with respect to the approved CZMP prepared under CRZ notification, 1991.

IV. Public Views on the CZMP.
(a) The draft CZMPs prepared shall be given wide publicity and suggestions and objections received in accordance with the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Public hearing on the draft CZMPs shall be held at district level by the concerned CZMAs.
(b) Based on the suggestions and objections received the CZMPs shall be revised and approval of MoEF shall be obtained.
(c) The approved CZMP shall be put up on the website of MoEF, concerned website of the State, Union Territory CZMA and hardcopy made available in the panchayat office, District collector office and the like.

V. Revision of Coastal Zone Management Plans
1. Whenever there is a doubt the concerned State or Union territory Coastal Zone Management Authority shall refer the matter to the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management who shall verify the CZMP based on latest satellite imagery and ground truthing.

2. The rectified map would be submitted to MoEF for its record.

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