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11. Classification of different coastal zones shall be done as per the CRZ notification
12. Standard national or international Colour codes shall be used to highlight Sub-classification of data.

C. Local level CZM Maps
Local level CZM Maps are for the use of local bodies and other agencies to facilitate implementation of the Coastal Zone Management Plans
13. Cadastral (village) maps in 1:3960 or the nearest scale, shall be used as the base maps.
14. These maps are available with revenue Authorities and are prepared as per standard norms.
15. HTL (as defined in the CRZnotification) and LTL will be demarcated in the cadastral map based on detailed physical verification using Coastal geomorphological signatures or features in accordance with the CZM Maps approved by the Central Government.
16.500metre and 200metre lines shall be demarcated with respect to the HTL thus marked.
17. HTL (as defined in the CRZ notification, 1991) and LTL will also be demarcated along the banks of tidal influenced inland water bodies with the help of geomorphological signatures or features.
18. Classifications shall be transferred into local level CZM maps from the CZM Plans.
19. Symbols will be adopted from CZM Maps.
20. Colour codes as given in CZM Maps shall be used.
21. Demarcation of cadastral maps will be done by local agencies approved by the Central Government. The local agencies shall work under the guidance of the concerned State Government or Union Territory Coastal Zone Management Authorities.

D. Hazard mapping:-
II. Classification of CRZ areas
1. The CZM Maps shall be prepared in accordance with para 5 of the CRZ notification demarcating CRZI, II, lll, IV and V.
2. The CZM Maps shall clearly demarcate the land use plan of the area and lists out the CRZ-1 areas. All the CRZ-1 areas listed under para 7(1)A and B shall be clearly demarcated and colour codes given so that each of the CRZ-1 areas can be clearly identified.
3. Buffer Zone along mangrove areas of more than 1000sq mts shall be stipulated with a different colour distinguishing from the mangrove area.
4. The buffer zone shall also be classified as CRZ-1 area.
5. The hazard line to be drawn up by MoEF shall be superimposed on the CZM maps in 1:25,000 scale and also on the cadastral scale maps.
6. The CRZ-Il areas shall be those areas which have been substantially built-up with a ratio of builtup plots to that of total plots is more than 50%.
7. In the CRZ areas, the fishing villages, common properties of the fishermen communities, fishing jetties, ice plants, fish drying platforms or areas infrastructure facilities of fishing and local

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