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(e) till such time the IMPs are approved and notified, construction of dispensaries, schools, public rain shelters, community toilets, bridges, roads, jetties, water supply, drainage, sewerage which are required for traditional inhabitants shall be permitted on a case to case basis, by the CZMA with due regards to the views of coastal communities including fisherfolk.

                                            ANNEXURE I

I. A. Demarcation of HighTide Line

1. Demarcation of HighTide Line (HTL) and Low Tide Line (LTL) shall be carried out by one of the agencies authorised by MoEF based on the recommendations of the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM).
2. Demarcation of the HighTide Line or LTL shall be made on the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Maps of scale 1:25,000 prepared by the agencies identified by the MoEF.
3. Local level CZM Maps shall be prepared for use of officials of local bodies for determination of the CRZ.
4. The local level CZM Maps shall be prepared on a Cadastral scale in accordance with the CZM Maps approved by the Central Government.
B. Preparation of CZM Maps
5. Base Maps of 1:25,000 scale shall be acquired from the Survey of India (SOI) and wherever 1:25,000 maps are not available, 1:50,000 maps shall be enlarged to 1:25,000 for the purpose of base map preparation and these maps will be of the standard specification given below:

Unit : 7.5 minutes X7.5minutes

Numbering : Survey of India Sheet Numbering System

Horizontal Datum : Everest or WGS84

Vertical Datum : Mean Sea Level (MSL)

Topography : Topography in the SOI maps will be updated using latest satellite imageries oraerial photographs

6. The High Water Level (HWL) and Low Water Level (LWL) marked on the Base maps will be transferred to the CZM maps.

7. Coastal geomorphological signatures in the field or satellite imageries or aerial photographs will be used for appropriate adjustment, in the HWL or LWL for demarcating HTL or LTL in accordance With the CRZ notification.
8. The following geomorphological features shall be considered while demarcating in HTLor LTL: Landward (monsoonal) berm crest in the case of sandy beaches Rocks, Headlands, Cliffs SeaWalls or revetments or embankments
9. 500 meter and 200 metre lines will be demarcated with respect of HTL.
10. HTL (as defined in the CRZ notification) and LTL shall also be demarcated in the CZM maps along the banks of tidal influenced inland water bodies with the help of the geomorphological signatures or features.

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