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2. MoEF may appoint statutory auditors, who are empanelled by the Comptroller and auditor General (hereinafter referred to as the C&AG) to undertake performance and fiscal audit in respect of the projects relating to redevelopment of dilapidated, cessed and unsafe buildings and the projects relating to Slum Rehabilitation Scheme shall be audited by C&AG.

3. A High Level Oversight Committee may be set up by the Government of Maharashtra for periodic review of implementation of V(iii)(b) and (c) which shall include eminent representatives of various Stakeholders, like Architects, Urban Planner, Engineers, and Civil Society, besides the local urban bodies, the State Government and the Central Government.

4. The individual projects under V(iii)(b) and (c) shall be undertaken only after public consultation in which views of only the legally entitled slum dweller or the legally entitled tenent of the dilapidated or cessed buildings shall be obtained in accordance with the procedures laid down in EIA notification, 2006.

(e) In order to protect and preserve the 'green lung of the Greater Mumbai area, all open spaces, parks, gardens, playgrounds indicated in development plans within CRZ-ll shall be categorized as CRZ-III, that is, “no development zone'.

(f) the Floor Space index upto 15% shall be allowed only for construction of civic amenities, stadium and gymnasium meant for recreational or sports related activities and the residential or commercial use of such open spaces shall not be permissible.

(g) Koliwada namely, fishing settlement areas as identified in the Development Plan of 1981 or relevant records of the Government of Maharashtra, shall be mapped and declared as CRZ-Ill so that any development, including construction and reconstruction of dwelling units within these settlements shall be undertaken in accordance with applicable as per local Town and Country Planning Regulations.

(h) Reconstruction and repair works of the dwelling units, belonging to fisher Communities and other local communities identified by the State Government, shall be considered and granted permission by the Competent Authorities on a priority basis, in accordance with the applicable Town and Country Planning Regulations.

2. CRZ for Kerala

In view of the unique coastal systems of backwater and backwater islands alongwith space limitation present in the coastal stretches of the State of Kerala, the following activities in CRZ shall be regulated as follows, namely:-
(i) all the islands in the backwaters of Kerala shall be covered under the CRZ notification;
(ii) the islands within the backwaters shall have 50mts width from the HighTide Line on the landward side as the CRZ area;
(iii) within 50mts from the HTL of these backwater islands existing dwelling units of local communities may be repaired or reconstructed however no new construction shall be permitted;
(iv) beyond 50mts from the HTL on the landward side of backwater islands, dwelling units of local communities may be constructed with the prior permission of the Gram panchayat;
(v) foreshore facilities such as fishing jetty, fish drying yards, net mending yard, fishing processing by traditional methods, boat building yards, ice plant, boat repairs and the like, may be taken up within 50mts width from HTL of these backwater islands.

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