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The activities impugning on the sea and tidal influenced water bodies will be regulated except for traditional fishing and related activities undertaken by local communities as follows:-
(a) No untreated sewage, effluents, ballast Water, ship washes, fly ash or solid waste from all activities including from aquaculture operations shall be let off or dumped. A comprehensive plan for treatment of sewage generating from the coastal towns and cities shall be formulated within a period of one year in consultation with stakeholders including traditional coastal communities, traditional fisherfolk and implemented;
(b) Pollution from oil and gas exploration and drilling, mining, boat house and shipping;
(c) There shall be no restriction on the traditional fishing and allied activities undertaken by local communities.

V. Areas requiring special consideration,
1. CRZ areas falling within municipal limits of the Greater Mumbai.
(i) Developmental activities in the CRZ area of the Greater Mumbai because of the environmental issues, relating to degradation of mangroves, pollution of creeks and coastal waters, due to discharge of untreated effluents and disposal of solid waste, the need to provide decent housing to the poor section of society and lack of suitable alternatives in the inter connected islands of Greater Mumbai shall be regulated as follows, namely:-
A. Construction of roads-In CRZ-1 areas indicated at sub-paragraph () of paragraph 7 of the notification the following activities only can be taken up:-
(a) Construction of roads, approach roads and missing link roads approved in the Developmental Plan of Greater Mumbai on stilts ensuring that the free flow of tidal water is not affected, without any benefit of CRZ-Il accruing on the landward side of such constructed roads or approach roads Subject to the following conditions:-
(i) All mangrove areas shall be mapped and notified as protected forest and necessary protection and conservation measures for the identified mangrove areas shall be initiated.
(ii) Five times the number of mangroves destroyed/cut during the construction process shall be replanted.

B. Solid waste disposal sites shall be identified outside the CRZ area and thereafter within two years the existing conventional solid waste sites shall be relocated outside the CRZ area.
(iii) In CRZ-II areas
(a) The development or redevelopment shall continue to be undertaken in accordance with the norms laid down in the Town and Country Planning Regulations as they existed on the date of issue of the notification dated the 19th February, 1991, unless specified otherwise in this notification.

1. In the Greater Mumbai area there are large slum clusters with lakhs of families residing therein and the living conditions in these slums are deplorable and the civic agencies are notable to provide basic infrastructure such as drinking water, electricity, roads, drainage and the like because the slums come up in an unplanned and congested manner and the slums in the coastal area are at great risk in the event of cyclones, storm surges or tsunamis, in view of the difficulties in providing rescue, relief and evacuation.

2. To provide a safe and decent dwelling to the slum dwellers, the State Government may implement slum redevelopment schemes as identified as on the date of issue of this notification directly or through its parastatal agencies like Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), Shivshahi Punarvasan Prakalp Limited (SPPL), Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the like:

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