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(ii) buildings permitted on the landward side of the existing and proposed roads or existing authorised structures shall be subject to the existing local town and Country planning regulations as modified from time to time, except the Floor Space Index or Floor Area Ratio, which shall be as per 1991 level:

Provided that no permission for construction of buildings shall be given on landward side of any new roads which are constructed on the Seaward side of an existing road:

Provided further that the Construction in CRZ-Il area of Goa, Kerala and Mumbai shall be governed by the provisions of Clause V of paragraph 8.]

(iii) reconstruction of authorized building to be permitted subject with the existing Floor Space Index or Floor Area Ratio Norms and without change in present use;

(iv) facilities for receipt and storage of petroleum products and liquefied natural gas as specified in Annexure-ll appended to this notification and facilities for regasification of Liquefied Natural Gas subject to the conditions as mentioned in sub-paragraph (ii) of paragraph 3;

(v) desalination plants and associated facilities;

(vi) storage of non-hazardous cargo, such as edible oil, fertilizers and food grain in notified ports;

(vii) facilities for generating powerby non-conventional power sources and associated facilities;


A. Area upto 200mts from HTLon the landward side in case of seafront and 100mts along tidal influenced water bodies or width of the creek whichever is less is to be earmarked as "No Development Zone (NDZ)",

(i) the NDZ shall not be applicable in such area falling within any notified port limits;

(ii) No construction shall be permitted within NDZ except for repairs or reconstruction of existing authorized structure not exceeding existing Floor Space Index, existing plinth area and existing density and for permissible activities under the notification including facilities essential for activities; Construction/reconstruction of dwelling units of traditional coastal communities including fisherfolk may be permitted between 100 and 200 metres from the HTL along the seafront in accordance with a comprehensive plan prepared by the State Government or the Union territory in consultation with the traditional coastal Communities including fisherfolk and incorporating the necessary disaster management provision, sanitation and recommended by the concerned State or the Union territory CZMA to NCZMA for approval by MoEF;

(iii) however, the following activities may be permitted in NDZ
(a) agriculture, horticulture, gardens, pasture, parks, playfield, and forestry,
(b) projects relating to Department of Atomic Energy;
(c) mining of rare minerals;
(d) salt manufacture from seawater;

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