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(iii) CRZ areas of Goa.

B. Critically Vulnerable Coastal Areas (CVCA) such as Sunderbans region of West Bengal and other ecologically sensitive areas identified as under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and managed with the involvement of Coastal communities including fisherfolk.

8. Norms for regulation of activities permissible under this notification.-
(i) The developmentor Construction activities indifferent categories of CRZ shall be regulated by the concerned CZMA in accordance with the following norms, namely:-

I. CRZ-1,-
(i) no new Construction shall be permitted in CRZ-1 except,
(a) projects relating to Department of Atomic Energy;
(b) pipelines, conveying systems including transmission lines;
(c) facilities that are essential for activities permissible under CRZ-l;
(d) installation of weather radar for monitoring of cyclones movement and prediction by Indian Meteorological Department;
(e) Construction of trans harbour sea link and without affecting the tidal flow of water, between LTLand HTL.
(f) development of greenfield airport already approved at only Navi Mumbai;

(ii) Areas between LTL and HTL which are not ecologically sensitive, necessary safety measures will be incorporated while permitting the following, namely:-
(a) exploration and extraction of natural gas;
(b) Construction of dispensaries, Schools, public rainshelter, Community toilets, bridges, roads, jetties, water supply, drainage, sewerage which are required for traditional inhabitants living within the biosphere reserves after obtaining approval from concerned CZMA.
(c) necessary safety measure shall be incorporated while permitting such developmental activities in the area falling in the hazard zone;
(d) salt harvesting by solar evaporation of seawater;
(e) desalination plants;
(f) storage of non-hazardous cargo such as edible oil, fertilizers and food grain within notified ports;
(g) construction of trans harbour sea links, roads on stilts or pillars without affecting the tidal flow of water.

(i) buildings shall be permitted only on the landward side of the existing road, or on the landward side of existing authorized structures;

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