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(viii) Port and harbour projects in high eroding stretches of the Coast, except those projects classified as strategic and defence related in terms of EIA notification, 2006 identified by MoEF based on scientific studies and in consultation with the State Government or the Union territory Administration.

(ix) Reclamation for commercial purposes such as shopping and housing complexes, hotels and entertainmentactivities.

(x) Mining of sand, rocks and other sub-strata materials except,

(a) those rare minerals not available outside the CRZ area,
(b) exploration and exploitation of Oil and Natural Gas.

(xi) Drawl of groundwater and construction related thereto, within 200mts of HTL, except the following:-

(a) in the areas which are inhabited by the local communities and only for their use.
(b) In the area between 200mts-500mts zone the draw of groundwater shall be permitted only when done manually through ordinary wells for drinking, horticulture, agriculture and fisheries and where no other Source of Wateris available.

Note:- Restrictions for such draw may be imposed by the Authority designated by the State Government and Union territory Administration in the areas affected by seawater intrusion.

(xi) Construction activities in CRZ-l except those specified in para 8 of this notification.
(xiii) Dressing or altering the sand dunes, hills, natural features including landscape changes for beautification, recreation and other such purpose.
(xiv) Facilities required for patrolling and vigilance activities of marine/coastal police stations.

4. Regulation of permissible activities in CRZ area.- The following activities shall be regulated except those prohibited in para 3 above,

(i)(a) clearance shall be given for any activity within the CRZonly if it requires waterfront and foreshore facilities;
(b) for those projects which are listed under this notification and also attract EIA notification, 2006 (S.O. 1533 (E), dated the 14th September, 2006), for such projects clearance under EIA notification only shall be required subject to being recommended by the concerned State or Union territory Coastal Zone Management Authority (hereinafter referred to as the CZMA).
(c) Housing schemes in CRZas specified in paragraph 8 of this notification;
(d) Construction involving more than 20,000sq mts built-up area in CRZ-ll shall be considered in accordance with EIA notification, 2006 and in case of projects less than 20,000sq mts built-up area shall be approved by the concerned State or Union territory Planning authorities in accordance with this notification after obtaining recommendations from the concerned CZMA and prior recommendations of the concern CZMA shall be essential for considering the grant of environmental clearance under EIA notification, 2006 or grant of approval by the relevant planning authority.
(e) MoEF may under a specific or general order specify projects which require prior public hearing of project affected people.
(f) construction and operation for ports and harbours, jetties, wharves, quays, slipways, ship construction yards, breakwaters, groynes, erosion control measures;

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