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be regulated shall be governed by the distance upto which the tidal effects are experienced which shall be determined based on salinity concentration of 5 parts per thousand (ppt) measured during the driest period of the year and distance upto which tidal effects are experienced shall be clearly identified and demarcated accordingly in the Coastal Zone Management Plans (hereinafter referred to as the CZMPs).

Explanation-. For the purposes of this sub-paragraph the expression tidal influenced water bodies means the water bodies influenced by tidal effects from sea, in the bays, estuaries, rivers, creeks, backwaters, lagoons, ponds Connected to the sea or Creeks and the like.
(iii) the land area falling between the hazardline and 500mts from HTL on the landward side, in case of seafront and between the hazardline and 100mts line in case of tidal influenced water body the word "hazard line' denotes the line demarcated by Ministry of Environment and Forests (hereinafter referred to as the MoEF) through the Survey of India (hereinafter referred to as the Sol) taking into account tides, Waves, sea level rise and shoreline changes.
(iv) land area between HTL and Low Tide Line (hereinafter referred to as the LTL) which Will be termed as the intertidal zone.
(v) the water and the bed area between the LTL to the territorial water limit (12 Nm) in case of sea and the Water and the bed area between LTL at the bank to the LTL on the opposite side of the bank, of tidal influenced water bodies.

2. For the purposes of this notification, the HTL means the line on the land upto which the highest waterline reaches during the spring tide and shall be demarcated uniformly in all parts of the country by the demarcating authority(s) so authorized by the MoEF in accordance with the general guidelines issued at Annexure-l. HTL shall be demarcated within one year from the date of issue of this notification.

3. Prohibited activities within CRZ.-The following are declared as prohibited activities within the CRZ

(i) Setting up of new industries and expansion of existing industries except, -
(a) those directly related to waterfront or directly needing foreshore facilities;

Explanation.-The expression"foreshore facilities"means those activities permissible under this notification and they require waterfront for their operations such as ports and harbours, jetties, quays, wharves, erosion control measures, breakwaters, pipelines, lighthouses, navigational safety facilities, coastal police stations and the like.;
(b) projects of Department of Atomic Energy;
(c) facilities for generating power by non-conventional energy sources and setting up of desalination plants in the areas not classified as CRZ-1 () based on an impact assessment study including social impacts.;
(d) development of greenfield Airport already permitted only at Navi Mumbai;

(e) reconstruction, repair Works of dwelling units of local Communities including fishers in accordance with local town and country planning regulations.

(ii) manufacture or handling oil storage or disposal of hazardous substance as specified in the notification of Ministry of Environment and Forests, No. S.O.594 (E), dated the 28th July 1989, S.O.No.966(E), dated the 27th November, 1989 and GSR 1037(E), dated the 5th December,1989 except,-

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