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(8) The dog kennel must have sufficient space for proper housing and free movement of dogs. The place should have proper ventilation and natural lighting and must be kept clean. Adults and puppies must be housed separately and amongst the adults the males and females also should be housed separately. Adequate arrangement for drinking water and food shall be made for dogs while in captivity.

(9) Female dogs found to be pregnant shall not undergo abortion (irrespective of stage of pregnancy) and sterilisation and should be released till they have the litter.

8. Identification and Recording- Sterilised dogs shall be vaccinated before release and the ears of these dogs should either be clipped and/or tattooed for being identified as sterilised or immunised dogs. In addition, the dogs may be given token or nylon collars for identification and detailed records of such dogs shall be maintained. Branding of dogs would not be permitted.

9. Euthanasia of Street Dogs.- Incurably ill and mortally wounded dogs as diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian appointed by the committee shall be euthanised during specified hours in a humane manner by administering sodium pentathol for adult dogs and Thiopental Introperitoneal for puppies by a qualified veterinarian or euthanised in any other humane manner approved by Animal Welfare Board of India. No dog shall be euthanised in the presence of another dog. The person responsible for euthanising shall make sure that the animal is dead, before disposal.

10. Furious or dumb rabid dogs.- (1) On the receipt of complaints from the public to the Dog Control Cell of the Local Authority or on its own, the dog Squad of the Local Authority Would catch such dogs, suspected to be rabid.

(2) The caught dog would then be taken to the pound where it would be isolated in an isolation ward.

(3) The suspected rabid dog would then be subjected to inspection by a panel of two persons i.e.-
(i) a veterinarian surgeon appointed by the Local Authority; and
(ii) a representative from an Animal Welfare Organisation.

(4) If the dog is found to have a high probability of having rabies it would be isolated till it dies a natural death. Death normally occurs within 10 days of Contracting rabies. Premature killings of suspected rabid dogs therefore prevents the true incidence of rabies from being known and appropriate action being taken.

(5) If the dog is found not to have rabies but some other disease it would be handed over to the AWOs who will take the necessary action to Cure and rehabilitate the dog.

11. Disposal of carcasses.- The carcasses of Such euthanised dogs shall be disposed of in an incinerator to be provided by the local authority.

12. Guidelines for breeders.- (i) A breeder must be registered with Animal Welfare Board of India.

(ii) Breeder must maintain full record of the number of pups born/died from individual bitches.
(iii) Breeder must maintain record of the person buying the pups. He should ensure that the buyer has the required knowledge for the upkeep of the pups.

13. Application of rules where local bye-laws etc., exist.- If there is in force in any area to which these rules extend, any Act, rule, regulation or bye-law made under any law for the time being in force by the State or the Local Authority in respect of any of the matters for which provision is made in these rules, such rule, regulation or bye-law shall to the extent to which-

(a) it contains provisions less irksome to the animal than those contained in these rules,shall prevail;
(b) it contains provisions more irksome to the animal than those contained in these rules, be of no effect.
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