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(b) General:-

(i) On receipt of specific complaint about nuisance or dog bite the same shall be attended on priority basis, irrespective of the area from which the complaint comes. On receipt of such complaint the details such as name of the complainant, his complete address, date and time of complaint, nature of complaint etc. shall be recorded in a register to be maintained for permanent record;

(ii) Capturing for general purpose will be on such dates and time to be specified by the Committee.

(2) The dog capturing squad shall consist of

(i) The driver of the dog van;
(ii) Two or more trained employees of the local authority who are trained in capturing of dogs;
(iii) One representative of any of the animal Welfare organisation.
Each member of the dog squad shall carry, a valid identity card issued by the local authority. The dog capturing squad will be accompanied by a representative of an Animal Welfare Organisation nominated for the purpose.
(3) On receipt of specific complaint or for capturing dogs in normal Course the dog squad will visit the concerned area, capture the dogs identified by the complainant in case of complaintoriented capturing and other dogs in case of general capturing. All the dogs caught will be tagged for identification purposes and to ensure that the dogs are released in the same area after sterilisation and vaccination. Only stipulated number of dogs, according to the Animal Birth Control Program target, shall be caught by the van. A record of dogs captured shall be maintained in a register, mentioning therein the name of the areas locality, date and time of capture, names of persons in the dogs squad on that particular day and details about dogs captured such as number of male dogs, number of female dogs, number of puppies etc.

(4) The dogs shall be captured by using humane methods such as lassoing or soft-loop animal catchers such as those prescribed under the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1979.

(5) While the dogs are being captured in any locality the representative of the local authority or of the Animal Welfare Organisation accompanying the dog squad will make announcements on a public address system that dogs are being captured from the area for the purpose of sterilisation and immunisation and will be released in the same area after sterilisation and immunisation. The announcement may also briefly educate the residents of the area about the dog control programme and solicit the support of all the residents reassuring them that the local authority is taking adequate steps for their safety.

(6) The captured dogs shall be brought to the dog kennels/dog pounds managed by the Animal Welfare Organisations (AWOs). On reaching the dogpounds all the dogs shall be examined by the veterinarians and healthy and sick dogs should be segregated. Sick dogs should be given proper treatment in the hospitals run by Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)/ 8(other recognised institutions) and only after they are treated they should be sterilised and vaccinated. The dogs will be sterilised/vaccinated under the supervision of the veterinarians of the hospital run by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Animal Welfare Organisation or other dog shelters. After necessary period of follow up, the dogs shall be released at the same place or locality from where they were captured and the date, time and place of their release shall be recorded. The representative of Animal Welfare Organisations (AWOs) shall accompany the dog squad at the time of release also.

(7) At a time only one lot of dogs shall be brought for sterilisation, immunisation at one dog kennel or dog pound and these dogs shall be from one locality. Two lots from different areas or localities shall not be mixed at the same dog pound or dog kennel.

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