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(e) a representative of the district Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA);
(f) at least two representatives from the Animal Welfare Organisations operating within the said local authority.
[(g) a representative of the people who is a humanitarian or a well known individual who has experience in animal welfare in the locality.]
5. Functions of the Committee.- The Committee constituted under rule 4 shall be responsible for planning and management of dog control programme in accordance with these rules. The Committee may,-
(a) issue instructions for catching, transportation, sheltering, sterilisation, vaccination, treatment and release of sterilised vaccinated or treated dogs;
(b) authorise veterinary doctor to decide on case to case basis the need to put to sleep critically ill or fatally injured or rabid dogs in a painless method by using Sodium pentathol. Any other method is strictly prohibited;
(c) create public awareness, solicit co-operation and funding;
(d) provide guidelines to pet dog owners and commercial breeders from time to time;
(e) get a survey done of the number of street dogs by an independent agency;
(f) take such steps for monitoring the dog bite cases to ascertain the reasons of dog bite, the area where it took place and whether it was from a stray or a pet dog;
(g) keep a watch on the national and international developments in the field of research pertaining to street dogs' control and management, development of vaccines and Cost effective methods of sterilisation, vaccination, etc.
1(h) the activities of the Committee shall be brought to the public notice by announcements and advertisements.
6. Obligations of the local authority- (1) The local authority shall provide for-
(a) establishment of a sufficient number of dog pounds including animal kennels/shelters which may be managed by animal Welfare organisations;
(b) requisite number of dog vans with ramps for the capture and transportation of street dogs;
(c) one driver and two trained dog catchers to be provided for each dog van;
(d) an ambulance-cum-clinical van to be provided as mobile center for sterilisation and immunisation;
(e) incinerators to be installed by the local authority for disposal of carcasses.
(f) periodic repair of shelter or pound.

(2) If the Municipal Corporation or the local authority thinks it expedient to Control street dog population, it shall be incumbent upon them to sterilise and immunise street dogs with the participation of animal welfare organisations, private individuals and the local authority.

(3) The animal welfare organisations shal be reimbursed the expenses of sterilisation/ immunisation at a rate to be fixed by the Committee on fortnightly basis based on the number of sterilisation/immunisation done.

2(4) The Monitoring committee of the said locality shall meet at least once in every month to assess the progress made in regard to implementation of the Animal Birth Control Programme.

7. Capturing/sterilisation/immunisation/release.- (1) Capturing of dogs shall be based On:-
(a) Specific complaints (for which the local authority in consultation with the Monitoring Committee shall set up a dog control cell to receive complaints about dog nuisance, dog bites and information about rabid dogs); and

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