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7. Submission of Returns.- (1) The Executive Engineer in charge of the bridge shall furnish to the Chief Engineer in charge of Bridges and Roads, every quarter, in the 2nd week of July, October, January and April,-
(a) A Consolidated reconciled statement showing month-wise amount Collected and remitted on account of toll proceeds together with the fines, interest and fees received thereunder in respect of each bridge along with the details of the number and date of chalan with which the said amounts were remitted, and
(b) A break-up of the month-wise expenditure incurred on each bridge by the Assistant Engineer required to be deducted towards collection charges of the tolls on the basis of actual expenditure incurred.
(2) The Chief Engineerin charged of Bridges and Roads shall forward a reconciled consolidated statement to the Accountant General every quarter before the end of July, October, January and April.

8. Furnishing of Security.- The Officers in charge of toll collection and the Assistant Engineer concerned shall furnish security covered by Fidelity Insurance as provided under article

9. Credit of the proceeds of the Tolls and its Utilisation.- (1) The amount to be allocated from the Consolidated Fund of the State by Government to the Bridges and Roads Fund shall be equal to the amount of tolls, together with fines, interest and fees recovered under the Act and these Rules reduced by 12% of the total collection towards collection charges within the State. The amount standing to the credit of the Fund shall be allocated by the Government for construction of new bridges which shall be liable for levy of tolls under these rules, and are included in the Budget Estimate of the State with prior approval of the Government to be financed from the Fund.

(2) The proceeds of the tolls remaining unutilised at the end of the financial year shall not lapse at the close of that financial year but shall be available for being utilised during subsequent year or years against individual Works to be approved by the Government.
10. Appointment of other Officers for Collection of Tolls etc.-Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules Government may appoint any other Officer(s) to collect the tolls and or to check the working of the collection booths


|- ! Sl No !! Particulars of Vehicle !! Toll for Bridges costing not less than Rs.15 Lakhs And upto 50 Lakhs !! Toll for Bridges costing not less than Rs.50 Lakhs And upto 100 Lakhs !! Toll for Bridges costing more than Rs.100 Lakhs. |- 1 ||| . Motor Cycle, Scooter or any other two wheeled Motor Vehicles and Autorick-shaws || Rs..50 || Rs..50 || Rs..50 |- 2 ||(a) Motor Car, Taxi,Jeep, Pick up Van and other light motor vehicles without

||  ||  || 

|- | || || || || |}

THE SCHEDULE See rule 3(1))

Toll chargeable in respect of Motor Vehicles entering bridges costing not less than Rupees 35 lakhs on highways completed/ to be completed and opened to traffic in regard to vehicles other than vehicles belonging to the Government of Kerala or the Government of India.

Sl no Particulars of vehicle Toll for bridges costing not Costing more bridges less than Rs.15 lakhs and upto Rs. 50 lakhs Toll for bridges costing more than Rs. 50 lakhs and upto Rs. 100 lakhs Toll for bridges costing more than 100 lakhs
1 Motor Cycle, Scooter or any other two wheeled Motor Vehicles and Autorick-shaws RS. 0.50 RS. 0.50 Rs . 0.50
2 (a) Motor Car, Taxi, Jeep, Pick up Van and other light motor vehicles without trailer (b) With trailer a) 2.00 b)3.00 a)2.00 b) 3.00 a)2.00 b) 3.00
3 Buses and Lorries laden with or without passengers/ goods or not, chassis with or without body, Tractor, and Tractor Trailer combination. 6.00 8.00 10.00
4 Other vehicles not mentioned above like mobile cranes, dozers, earth movers, road rollers etc. 6.00 8.00 10.00

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