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such modifications in regard to the storing of water and the disposal of the water stored, for combating fire, as may be deemed sufficient and suitable.

31. Form of licence.- Every licence granted under the Act shall be in the Form in Appendix Il. 32. Time within which applications for licence to be made.- Any person requiring a licence shall apply to the licensing authority at least twentyone days prior to the date on which the entertainment is to take place and in the case of special temporary short term licences at least 10 days prior to such date.

33. Time within which application for renewal of licence to be presented.- An application for renewal of a licence under Section 9 of the Act shall be presented by the licensee within twenty-one days before the expiry of the licence and in case of special temporary short term licences at least seven days prior to the date of expiry of the licence.

34. Additional conditions for grant of licence.- Every licence granted under the Act shall be subject to the following additional conditions:-

(i) No fire or naked light shall, under any circumstance, be allowed inside the licensed premises.

(ii) All swinging lights shall be suspended by metal wires or rods.

(iii) No inflammable or explosive substance such as petroleum, kerosene oil, fire works, or gunpowder in excess of the quantity, required for one day's use shall be stored upon or within the licensed premises.

(iv) The main doors, enumerated in column (4) of the licence shall always be left unfastened and unobstructed whilst the public are using the licensed premises.

(v) No structural or material alteration shall be made in the licensed premises except with the written permission of the licensing authority.

(vi) No leper and no person suffering from an open sore or any loathsome, infectious or contagious disease shall be permitted inside the licensed premises. If such a person is found in any such premises, the licensee shall immediately report the fact to the nearest Health Officer, Health Inspector or other Officer not below the rank of a Health Assistant of the Health Services Department or to the licensing authority and the licensee shall at his own Cost take such steps as may be required by such officer or authority to disinfect the place and to prevent the further spread of the infection.

(vii) The licensed premises shall not be kept open after 2 a.m. without special permission from the licensing authority.

(viii) The licensing authority or any subordinate Officer duly authorised by the Licensing Authority, Officers of the State Government exercising control or supervision over the local authority, the Health Officer, the Health Inspector, the Health Assistant having jurisdiction over the area, and any Police Officer specially deputed to keep order during any entertainment in the licensed premises shall at all times have free access to the said premises to see whether the conditions of the licence are fulfilled.

(IX) The licensing authority may add such other conditions not inconsistent with these rules to the licence as he may deem desirable in the interest of health and safety of the public.

35. Printing of the conditions in the licence.- Section 9 of the Act and Rules 4 to 18, 20 to 25 and 34 shall be printed at the foot of the licence granted.

36. Crediting of fines, etc., to the local authority.- All fines, licence fee and cost of prosecutions, if any, realised by the Magistrate in accordance with the provisions in Section 16 of the Act shall be credited to Government in the first instance and shall be disbursed to the concerned local authorities prosecuting the case on the basis of the yearly statement furnished by the Registrar, High Court of Judicature, Government of Kerala.

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