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excluding the entrances, passages, stage, stair-cases and all spaces to which the public are not admitted, and

(b) in the case of a temporary building, the whole area of the enclosure after excluding the open space actually provided under Rule 19 (a) or under the proviso thereto, as the case may be.

(viii) The licence granted or renewed under this Act shall not be transferred except with the previous permission of the licensing authority and for each such transfer there shall be charged a fee of five rupees.)

29. Fees not chargeable.- Notwithstanding anything contained in Rule 28 no fee shall be chargeable for a licence granted in respect of any building or enclosed place used for the following classes of entertainments namely:-

(a) entertainment, the proceeds of which are utilised for the purpose of philanthropic, religious or charitable purposes.

(b) entertainments which are of wholly educational character.

(c) entertainments which are provided for purposes which are partly educational, Cultural or scientific by institutions not conducted or established for profit.

(d) entertainments which are provided by institutions not conducted for profit and established solely for the purposes of promoting the public health or the interest of agriculture or of a manufacturing industry and consists solely of exhibitions of articles which are of material interest in connection with questions relating to public health or agriculture or of the product of the industry for promoting the interest of which the institutions exist or of the materials, machinery, appliances or foodstuff used in the production of those products.

(e) entertainments organised in aid of any National Fund, and

(f) any other class of entertainments which the Government may specify by general or special order.

30. Conditions on which licence may be granted.- (1) No licence shall be granted in respect of any building or enclosed place unless the provisions of Sub-rules (2) to (5) of this rule are complied with.

(2) Such building or place shall have at least two main exits of not less than 2.4 metres in height and 1.75 metres in width. Where these exits are enclosed by doors, the door shall be so made as to open outwards. Such exits shall be so arranged that they can be pushed open easily and at once from inside.

(3) When the area of such building or enclosed place exceeds 100 Sq. metres at least one additional special exit per 50 sq. metres of additional space shall be provided in the exterior walls of such building or place at suitable distances. Each of such special exits shall be not less than 2.4 metres in height and 1.75 metres in width. Such special exits may be closed whilst such building or place is being used as a place of public resort but the means adopted for using them in cases of emergency shall be specified in the licence.

(4) Each of such exits shall be indicated by a board with the word "EXIT" clearly painted upon it in English and in Malayalam in large and legible letters.

(5) Sufficient provision shall be made for preventing and extinguishing fire which may occur in or upon such building or place and such provision shall be specified in Column (9) of the licence. A supply of not less than 25 litres of water per 10 sq. metres of area in the case of a permanent building or enclosed place shall be provided and kept stored in buckets in readiness along with the walls of such building or place. In the case of temporary buildings, the supply of Water shall be not less than 50 litres per 10 sq. metres of area and shall be stored in buckets in readiness, one half within and the other half without the exterior walls of the building:

Provided that where any building or enclosed place by reason of its construction and disposition so requires, the licensing authority may grant for such building or place a licence with

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