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G.O. Ms. 590/65/HLD. Dt: 8-7-1965

S.R.O. No. 292/65.- In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 7 and Section 19 of the Kerala Places of Public Resort Act, 1963 (Act 40 of 1963), the Government of Kerala hereby make the following rules:-

                                               PART 1. 

Short title and commencement.- (1) These rules may be called the Kerala Places of Public Resort Rules, 1965.

(2) They shall come into force with effect from 1-8-1965.

2.Definitions.- In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires

(i) “the Act" means the Kerala Places of Public Resort Act, 1963 (Act 40 of 1963);

(ii) “Health Officer" means in the case of Municipal Corporations and Municipalities the Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation or of the Municipality concerned and in the case of a Township or a Panchayat area such Officer of the Health Services Department having jurisdiction over the area as may be specified by the Director of Health Services.

(iii) “Licensing Authority" means the authority competent to grant a licence under the Act.

(iv) "Permanent building" means a building which is constructed for permanent use with stone, mud, brick, mortar, cement or other non-inflammable materials.

Explanation:- (a) Where the floor, roof, side-walls, galleries and stair case of a building are made of non-inflammable materials the building shall, for the purpose of these rules be deemed to be a permanent building.

(b) A Cinema installation which is deemed to be a permanent one under Rule 59 (e) of the Kerala Cinema (Regulations) Rules, 1958 as republished in the Kerala Gazette dated 11-12-1962 shall be deemed to be a permanent building for the purpose of these rules.

(v) "Prescribed” means prescribed by the order of the Licensing Authority and (vi) “Temporary building" means building which is not a permanent building.

                                                  PART II 
                                     Permanent Buildings

3. Conditions under which licence may be granted.- No licence shall be granted under the Act for the use of any permanent building for public resort or entertainment unless

(a) the building is provided on at least three of its sides with an open Space of not less than 6 metres in width or such greater width as may be required by the Licensing Authority.

(b) the caves of the building have a height of not less than 3 metres.

(c) every door-way in the building is not less than 2.4 metres in height and 1.5 metres in width and,

(d) the windows of the building are of such dimension and number and in Such situations as may be required by the Licensing Authority and the aggregate area of all the windows in each of the places to which the public are admitted is not less than one-tenth of the floor area thereof:

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