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If I fail to submit true returns it is open to the.... to forfeit the security furnished and recover the taxes due from me in addition


Yours faithfully,
[See Rules 21, 24 and 26]
Permit to pay the tax on the basis of returns
(Proprietor) dated................................
Read:- Application from................. in respect of the following entertainment:

.....................(Proprietor) is permitted to pay the entertainments tax due on the above entertainments on the basis of returns to be submitted by him. This permission is subject to the following conditions:

(1) This permission may be revoked at any time without reason being assigned and no compensation shall be payable by the..................... on account of any loss caused to the proprietor by reason of such revocation.

(2) It is subject to the observance of the provisions of the Kerala Local Authorities Entertainments Tax Act, 1961, the rules and bye-laws framed thereunder and the conditions of this permit and such other conditions as may from time to time be specified.

(3) A correct and complete account shall be maintained in Form No. III appended to the Kerala Local Authorities Entertainments Tax Rules, 1962 and shall show the number of tickets of every class issued and sold for each performance, the amount received for such tickets and the total of the entertainments tax due thereon. This account and ticket remaining in stock shall be shown to the inspecting officer with other connected records when demanded for verification. Full facilities shall be given to inspecting officer to check the correctness of the records by counting the number of spectators or the audience during any performance covered by this permit.

(4)A return giving respect of the particulars prescribed in Form No.III, appended to the Kerala Local Authorities Entertainments Tax Rules. 1962 for all performance week from Monday to Sunday (both inclusive)shall be(both inclusive)shall be sent so as to reach the office of each day on the Tuesday immediately following at the latest. The amount of tax due shall be paid along with on the next working day the return.

(Signature of the Officer)
Designation T
[See Rule 28]
Return of season tickets sold for the period ending

              Class of                                       Number of                    Period for                                   Gross sum                    Amount of        Remarks           
             tickets                                          tickets Sold                   which available                            released                       tax due

                 1                                                       2                                    3                                              4                                   5                   6

(See Rules 33 and 37(1)]
Permit for the Payment of the Tax on the Basis of
Returns as Recorded by Mechanical Contrivance
Read: - Application from                                                                                                            dated 19 in respect of the following entertainments