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(b) for the use of tickets covering the admission of more than one person and the calculation of the tax thereon and for the payment of the tax on the transfer from one part of a place of entertainment to another and on payment for seats or other accommodation;
(c) for controlling the use of barriers or mechanical contrivances (including the prevention of the use of the same barrier or mechanical contrivance for payments of a different amount) and for securing proper records of admission by means of barriers or mechanical contrivances;
(d) for the checking of admissions, the keeping of accounts and furnishing of returns by the proprietors of entertainments to which the provisions of Section 4 are applied or in respect of which the arrangements approved by the local authority for furnishing returns are made under Section 5;
(e) for the renewal of damaged or spoiled labels;
(f) for the keeping of accounts of all labels used under this Act; (g) for the regulation of the time and place of holding an entertainment and Supervision thereof;
(h) for the regulation of the time and mode of collecting the tax under this Act; and
(i) in general, for carrying out the purposes of this Act.
(2) In making a bye-law, the local authority may provide, that a breach thereof shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fifty rupees and in case of a continuing breach with fine which may extend to fifteen rupees for every day during which the breach continues after conviction for the first breach.
(3) All such bye-laws shall have effect when they have been approved by the the Government or any officer authorised by the Government) in that behalf and published in the Gazette.

13. Repeal and savings.- The Travancore-Cochin Local Authorities Entertainments Tax Act, 1951 (Act VI of 1951) and the Madras Entertainments Tax Act, 1939 (Act X of 1939) as in force in the Malabar district referred to in Sub-section (2) of Section 5 of the States Reorganisation Act, 1956 (Central Act 37 of 1956) are hereby repealed:
Provided that any notification, order, rule or bye-law issued or made under the repealed Acts, shall, so far as it is not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, continue in force and be deemed to have been made or issued under the provisions of this Act, unless and until it is superseded by any notification, order, rule or bye-law made or issued under this Act.

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