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No fee shall be charged for the grant of the license.
5. Refusal and revocation of licenses.- (1) Subject to such rules as may be prescribed, the licensing officer may refuse to grant or may revoke a license in respect of any bull if in his opinion the bull appears to be-
(a) of defective or inferior conformation and consequently likely to be get defective or inferior progeny, or
(b) suffering from an incurable, contagious or infectious disease or from any other disease rendering the bull unsuitable for breeding purposes, or.
(c) of a breed which it is undesirable to propagate in the State of Kerala.
(2) The licensing officer may also after giving a reasonable opportunity to the licensee to be heard revoke a license granted in respect of and bull kept within his jurisdiction (whether such license was granted by himself or by any other officer) if in his opinion-
(a) the license was granted, under circumstances of which the licensing officer was not aware at the time of granting the license and such license would not have been granted if he had been aware of such circumstances, or
(b) there has been a breach of any of the terms, conditions or restrictions of the license.
(3) If a license is revoked under this section, the officer revoking the license shall give notice thereof to the person keeping the bull or to the person stated in the license to be the owner of the bull. The notice shall set out the grounds for the revocation.
(4) No person shall b entitled to any Compensation for the refusal or revocation of any license under this section.
6. Surrender of license- A license granted in respect of a bull shall be surrendered without delay to the licensing officer, if-
(a) the period specified in the license expires, or
(b) the license is revoked under this Act, or
(c) the bull dies, or is certified by the prescribed officer to have been effectively castrated by a method and in a manner approved by the Director.
7. Inspection of bulls.- The licensing officer may by order require any person keeping a bull to submit it for inspection by himself or by any officer or person deputed by him for the purpose, at any reasonable time, either at the place where the bull is kept for the time being or at any other reasonable place specified in the order not being further than three kilometres from the place where the bull is ordinarily kept, and thereupon it shall be the duty of the person keeping the bull to submit it for inspection accordingly, and render all reasonable assistance in connection with such inspection to the officer concerned.
8. Power to order castration of bulls-(1) The licensing officer may by order require any person keeping a bull which in his opinion has attained the prescribed age, and in respect of which no license is for the time being in force under this Act, to have it castrated, within one month from the date of the service the order, by a method and in a manner approved by the Director and specified in the order.
(2) Such castration shall be performed or caused to be performed by the licensing officer free of charge, unless the owner or other person keeping the bull desires to make his own arrangements for complying with the order. (3) A person keeping a bull, who has been required by an order under Sub-section (1) to have it castrated, and the owner of the bull where such person is not the owner thereof, shall not part with the possession or custody,or transfer the ownership,of the bull until it is castrated.

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