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the register of cattle impounded to the person who entrusted the cattle to the pound-keeper for being impounded. The copy of extract shall be duly attested by the pound-keeper.
12. The pound-keeper shall give receipt in Form No.III for all the amounts received by him by way of fines and maintenance charges of cattle.
13. The pound-keeper shall remit daily receipts from the pound to the funds of the Local Authority in accordance with the directions issued by the Executive Authority from time to time.
14. The pound-keeper shall not receive from any person any amount other than the fines and charges for feeding and watering cattle at the rates prescribed and notified in this behalf.
15. The pound-keeper shall submit to the Executive Authority at the close of every day a statement in Form No.IV furnishing the details regarding the number and nature of cattle impounded, fines and charges collected for feeding and watering cattle, expenditure incurred for the maintenance of cattle and the amount required for the next day for maintaining the cattle in the pound.
16. The maintenance charges of the cattle in the pound and the salary of the pound-keeper shall be met from the funds of the local authority.
17. (a) The Executive Authority shall entrust to the pound-keeper the amount required for a day for the maintenance of the cattle in the pound after getting necessary acknowledgment for the amount from the pound-keeper. (b) The acknowledgment shall be cancelled or returned to the pound-keeper after ensuring that the amount paid to the pound-keeper has been properly utilised.
18. The Executive Authority shall inspect the pounds in the local area as often as possible, check the accounts, and verify the number of cattle in the pound with the number shown in the register and accounts maintained for the purpose.
19. The Executive Authority may give directions to the pound-keeper regarding the mode of purchase of food materiais, etc., for feeding and watering the cattle in the pound and the poundkeeper shall abide by such directions.
20. (1) The President of a Panchayat, the Chairman of a Municipality or the Mayor of a Corporation may inspect the pounds within his jurisdiction and issue directions to the Executive Authority to take appropriate steps to set right the irregularities or rectify the defects if any found during such inspection.
(2) The Members of Panchayats, or Councillors of Municipalities or Corporations may, if so required by the President, Chairman or Mayor inspect the pound or pounds in their respective Wards and furnish reports to the President, Chairman or Mayor concerned.
21. The Director or any other Officer authorised by him in this behalf may inspect any pound established under the Act and whenever it is deemed necessary check and verify the registers, accounts, etc. kept by the pound-keeper.
22. Save as otherwise expressly provided in these rules, the pound-keeper shall be governed by the rules relating to the employees of the local authority concerned in respect of conditions of service and disciplinary Control.
23. The pound-keeper shall be liable for any loss caused to the local authority concerned by his negligence or any of his actions and the local authority may recover from the pound-keeper such amount of loss in the manner prescribed for the recover of other dues to the local authority.

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