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Pounds and Pound-keepers
[3. Establishment of Pounds.- (1) Pounds may be established at Such places in each Village Panchayat or Municipality if the local authority so decides.

(2) Any pound established in one local authority may be used by the adjacent local authority subject to the conditions as may be mutually agreed by the local authorities Concerned.)

4. Control of pounds and rates of charge for feeding impounded cattle.- The poundsshall be under the control of the local authority and that authority shall fix, and may, from time to time, alter the rates of charge for feeding and watering impounded cattle.

5. Appointment of pound-keepers.- (1) Every pound shall be in the charge of a pound keeper appointed by the local authority Concerned.

(2) Every pound-keeper shall be deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of Section 21 of the Indian Penal Code.

(3) The pay and allowances, discipline and conduct and other Conditions of Service of a pound-keeper appointed by a local authority under sub-section (1) shall be as prescribed),-

(a) X X X X .
(b) X x X x
(4) x X x X) ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔' ۔

Duties of Pound-keepers
'6.To keep registers and furnish returns'-Every pound-keeper shall keep Such registers, and furnish such returns as the Government may, from time to time, direct.

7. To register seizures.- When cattle are brought to a pound, the pound-keeper shall enter in his register -

(a) the number and description of the cattle;

(b) the day and hour on and at which they were so brought;

(c) the name and residence of the seizer; and

(d) the name and the residence of the owner, if known.

The seizer shall affix his signature in the register. The pound-keeper shall give the seizer or his agent a copy of the entries aforesaid.

8. To take charge of and feed cattle.- The pound-keeper shall take charge of, feed and water the cattle, until they are disposed of as hereinafter directed.


Impounding Cattle
9. Cattle damaging land may be seized and police to aid such seizures.- (1) The Cultivator or occupier of any land, or any person who has acquired a right for the Cultivation of the Crop or produce on any land, .
or the vendee or mortgagee of such crop or produce or any part thereof may seize, or cause to be seized, any cattle trespassing on such land, and doing damage thereto or to any crop or produce thereon, and send them or cause them to be sent within twelve hours to the pound established for the area in which the land is situate.

(2) All officers of Police shall, when required, aid in preventing

(a) resistance to such seizures, and

(b) rescues from persons making such seizures.

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