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4. This certificate is valid for a period of from............ to......... but is liable to revocation within that period.

Details of equipments
Equipment***Maker's name***Number*** Capacity *** Remarks
1. Projector
2. Motor
3. Rectifier
4. Amplifier
5. Fire Extinguishers
6. Generator
7. Transformer
8. Slide Projector
9. Ceiling Fans
10. Exhaust Fans
11. Air conditioning system (details overleaf)
12. Operator's name....... Licence No............ dated .......... Validity period . Electrical Inspector.

(See Rule 14)
1. Name and address of Licensee
2. If the Licensee is not the owner of the place or building, the name and address of the owner thereof
3. Situation of the place of building
4. Area of the place or building in Square metre
5. Materials of which the roof, side walls, gallery and staircases are made
6. Whether the place or building is to be used during the day or during the night, or both
7. Date of last inspection by
(1) The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government or his nominee
(2) The Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Buildings and Local Works), having jurisdiction over the area.
8. Period for which the licence is to be in
9. Fees paid
1. Special conditions if any on Which licence is granted.
(1) The licensee shall not exhibit advertisement slides relating to Sexual diseases and medicines to correct sexual disorders, or purporting to assist the childless in begetting children.
(2) The Licensee shall not permit obscene or objectionable posters or pictorial publicity material to be displayed in the licensed premises.
3. The maximum rates of payment for admission to the different classes in the licensed premises shall be as indicated below and these rates shall not be increased during the currency of this licence without an order, in writing, by the Licensing Authority permitting Such increases. The order of the Licensing Authority in this regard is liable to be cancelled or modified by the State.Government, if they consider such a course, just and necessary.
(4) Any person, who is aggrieved by the order, of the Licensing Authority on an application . . for permission to increase the said maximum rate may, within 30 days from the date of receipt of such order, appeal to the State Government who may after such inquiry as they Consider necessary pass such orders thereon as they think fit.

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