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Electrical System
109. (1) The electric lighting of the premises shall have at least three separate distinct main circuits as follows:-
(a) for the projection room and thence through a dimming regulator to the Central lighting of the auditorium.
(b) for approximately one-half of the auditorium, passage ways, stairways, exits and parts of the building open to the public; and
(c) for the remaining half of the auditorium, passage ways, stair-ways, exits and parts of the building open to the public.
The control of the circuit in respect of the two halves of the auditorium referred to in Clauses (b) and (c) shall be remote from each other.
(2) A plan (in single line) of the wiring shall be kept in a prominent place in the office of the Manager.
(3) Sufficient number of emergency lights shall be provided in the auditorium as prescribed by the Licensing Authority.
(4) No open flames shall be allowed within the auditorium or in the projection room.
110. (1) The Licensee shall ensure that the installation conforms to the provisions of Indian Electricity Act, 1910 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 in the matter of entire electrical installation.
(2) Separate permanent circuit should be wired up with suitable switch fuse control; for the outdoor wiring, switched outlets of 3 pin type with metal clad, watertight socket outlet should be located at Convenient places at suitable heights from where Supply line may be taken out, by using weather proof wires for the display lights similar to yard lighting.
(3) The outdoor lighting fitting should be water tight type.
(4) The electrical installations both in the auditorium and the projection room in the same theatre shall be done only in conduit.
(5) All the electrical apparatus, main and sub distribution boards, metal clad switches and the earth leads of the circuits shall be effectively earthed. A minimum of two earth electrodes has to be provided for a Theatre, conforming to the provisions of 1.S.I. Standard in this respect.
111. (1) The wiring for the open yard lighting shall be done with Weather-proof wires of suitable size according to the load of the current in that circuit, threaded through porcelain reel insulators suspended from suitable bearer wires at a height not less than four metres from ground level. The reel insulators shall be spaced 50 centimetres from each other.
(2) When a tapping is taken from the open yard wiring it should be taken only a point of support through porcelain connectors housed in a junction box fixed to the supporting pole. In the case of service it should be taken through a lead in pipe.
(3) Supply to the lights in the open yard shall be tapped from the junction boxes as above and the light brackets shall be fixed on a separate round block fixed to the Supports. The wires from the junction box to the light brackets should be enclosed in earthed Conduit pipes similar to the method adopted for the street light fixtures.
112. (1) Emergency lighting system working with batteries should be provided in the projection room and auditorium and in case of any failure of the electric supply the emergency light should be switched on immediately.
(2) The wiring for lighting should be done in conduit system and all cables should be enclosed in screwed metal conduits connected to the earth. The conduits should be firmly fixed with proper saddles and clips.
(3) The cables used for wiring the light circuit inside the projection room, auditorium, etc. should not be of size less than 2.5 sq.m. (1/1.8) or its equivalent.

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