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107. The following fire extinguishing appliances shall be provided.
In the enclosures: A Bucket of Water, a blanket, a bucket of dry sand and a portable fire extinguisher of l.S.I. Standard.
In the auditorium: Four portable fire extinguishers of 1.S.l standard and a supply of not less than 20 litres of water per 10 square metre of floor area stored as follows:-
(i) Thirty-three per cent of the Supply or 250 litres whichever is greater, stored in buckets of 10 to 15 litres capacity each inside the auditorium and the balance stored in tanks or cisterns or buckets of any capacity So arranged as to be easily accessible, the arrangements in this regard having been approved by the Licensing Authority.
(ii) These appliances shall be SO disposed as to be readily available for use. The buckets shall have round bottoms and handles. They shall be painted red with the word 'Fire' painted on them in large block letters in English and in Regional Language.
(iii) The Soda acid type fire extinguishers shall be of the 10 litre size and Dry Powder type fire extinguishers shall be of the 5kg. size. Tetrachloride fire extinguishers shall not be permitted. Fire extinguishers shall be installed at an adequate height from the floor level not exceeding 1.5 metres. They shall be easily accessible and the passages leading to the extinguishers shall not be obstructed in any Way. A record regarding the maintenance of the extinguishers shall be kept. For multistoryed, multiple and air-conditioned theatres such additional fire fighting equipments and facilities as may be specified by the Director of Fire Force or his nominee, shall be provided.
(iv) Where a portable fire extinguisher of the chemical combination pressure type is older than three years or has not been tested previously it shall be tested once in two years by an officer of the Fire Force Department and a certificate of such test shall be submitted to the Licensing Authority. Similar tests shall be repeated once in two years.
(v) In addition to the firefighting equipment specified in sub-rule (i) the following equipment shall be provided and maintained:-
At least 8 buckets filled with water if there is no gallery or first floor in the premises; and at least 12 buckets filled with water if there is a gallery or first floor in the premises in which case at least 4 buckets filled with water shall be kept in the gallery or first floor. Such number of persons as may be necessary shall Specifically appointed to be in charge of the fire extinguishing appliances in the auditorium during every performance and they shall be trained in the use of all fire fighting equipments maintained in the premises.
(vi) The licensee shall-
(a) Once in every three months empty the container of such portable fire extinguisher provided in the licensed premises; clean its nozzles and working parts, stir the liquids in it and top it up, immediately record the date of having done so on a slip of paper and paste the same on the outside of such container; and
(b) Once in every year discharge each portable fire extinguisher provided in the licensed premises and recharge it and immediately record the date of such recharge in durable paint on the external surface of the container of the portable fire extinguisher.
(vii) In addition to the requirements of sub-rule () and sub-rule (v) there shall be provided such other facilities for fighting fire as may be required by the Licensing Authority.
Provided that notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule () and (v) above, the quantity of Water to be preserved may be reduced to one half of the prescribed quantity provided that there is a steady and dependable Source of Water to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority.
108. The floor, roof, ceiling, private boxes, balconies, galleries, tiers, partitions, and every room, lobby, Corridor and passage intended for the use of the public shall be constructed of fire resisting materials.

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