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93. The width of seats should be between 45 and 56 cm.
94. The back to back distance of chairs shall beat at least 85 cm. If extra comfort is required, higher spacing may be provided which shall vary between 85 to 106 cm.
95. In all cases there shall be an intervening space of at least 35 cm between the back of one seat and the front of the seat immediately behind measured between perpendiculars.
96. All seats except in boxes shall be securely fixed to the floor and if battened together or made of links, the complete link shall be firmly attached to the floor.
97. The minimum height of the auditorium shall be 6 m. The volume per person required to be provided should be 3.5 to 4.5 m per person.
98. There shall be a minimum distance of 4 metres from the screen to the front edge of first row of seating. A strong barrier or other efficient partition shall be provided to enforce this provision.
99. The screen shall be fixed in such a way that its bottom shall not be at a height of more than 2.1 metres above the ground level of the front row of accommodation.
100. Where the first tier of balcony extends over the tier below, the soffit of the balcony shall not, in any part be less than 3 m. The height between floor of the highest part of the seating and the lowest part of the coiling over the same shall not in any part be less than 3.7 m. The height between the sofit of any intermediate tier and the floor below, shall in no case be less than 2.4 m.
101. Suitable shelters for Sun and rain and other atmospheric agencies affecting the health of the people shall be provided for the would be purchasers of tickets standing in queues. The shelter may be of permanent PUCCA construction or of a light type of construction with asbestos cement sheets over steel or precast reinforced concrete members. The shelter shall be so arranged that they should not affect light and ventilation and at the same time give protection against sun and rain for Would be purchasers of tickets standing in queues.
102. The guide ways should be so constructed that it provides an easy flow of the traffic from the entrance to the exit of the booking counter. 103. Provisions in this Part in so far as they are in variance with the Kerala Cinemas Regulation Rules, 1975 shall not apply to existing theatres.

Health & Sanitation
104. (1) The licensee shall provide adequate drinking water supply at such places as may be prescribed by the Licensing Authority.
(2) The licensee shall provide spittoons of such description in such numbers and in such places as may be prescribed by the Licensing Authority on the recommendation of the Health Officer and the Spittoons shall be well washed with such disinfectants, as may be prescribed. Notices for using such spittoons shall be displayed in prominent parts of the cinema premises.
(3) Licensees of permanent theatres shall provide water closets at the rate of one for every 250 persons and urinals at the rate of one for every 50 persons. Licensees of temporary theatres shall provide as many water closets and urinals as may be specified by the Licensing Authority.

Fire Precautions
105. No person shall smoke in the auditorium. Any person who contravenes the provisions of this rule shall be liable to be ejected summarily from such auditorium by any police officer in uniform present at the place.
106. The licensee, in the case of permanent A/C Theatres, shall switch on the air conditioning plants before commencing the cinematographic exhibition and should keep the A/C units running till the shows are over. The Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee, shall have the powers to enter the premises of any permanent A/C Theatres to satisfy himself that the above provision is adhered to.

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