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59. The building shall be provided with open spaces on all sides as provided in rule 34 of the Kerala Building Rules, 1984 and parking space for one car for every 33 seats of accommodation.]
60. Each auditorium of the building shall be provided with an adequate number of clearly indicated exits placed in Such position and SO maintained as to afford the audience ample means of safe and speedy exit.
61. In the auditorium there shall be one exit from every tier, floor or gallery for every 250 persons accommodated or part thereof, provided that from, every upper floor or gallery, there shall not be less than two exits and further that an exit on or by way of stage or platform shall not be reckoned as one of the exits required by this sub-clause.
62. Every exit from the auditorium shall provide a clear opening space of not less than 1.5 m in width. All exit doors through which the public has to pass shall be available for exit during the whole time the public are in the building and during such time the doors shall not be locked or bolted but kept closed provided an attendant is placed in charge of each such door whose duty it shall be to throw open the door in case of emergency.
63. All exits from the auditorium shall be clearly indicated by the word "EXIT in block letters 1.75 mm high and shall be so displayed as to be clearly visible in the light as well as in the dark.
64. No door which is required as exit shall be less than 1.5 m in clear width and not less than 2.1 m in clear height. The clear width shall be measured between the frame of a door.
65. All exit doors shall open outwards and shall flush with outside of the walls or shall be so fitted that when Open they do not obstruct any gangway, passage, Corridor, stairway or landing.
66. Every passage or Corridor leading from an exit to the auditorium to a final space of exit from the building shall be of such width as will in the opinion of the authority, enable the persons who are likely to use it in an emergency to leave the building without danger of creating congestion. At no point shall any such passage or corridor be less than 1.5 m wide and it shall not diminish in width in the direction of the final place of exit.
67. Where a door is not required for exit, it shall be marked with words 'NOEXIT in red letters. The size of letters shall be as indicated in Rule 63.
68. There shall be at least two staircases of adequate width to provide exit in gallery and upper floor of the building which is intended to be used for the purposes.
69. Passage giving access to staircases.- The width of passage giving access to a staircase shall be according to the following regulations:-
(a) Width of a passage serving a single staircase shall not be less than the width of that staircase.
(b) The width of a passage serving more than one staircase shall not be less than the width of the widest staircase it serves plus one half the sum of the width of the remaining staircase.
70. The treads shall be not less than 30 cm wide and risers not more than 15 cm high.
71. The treads and risers of steps on each flight shall be of uniform width and height.
72. Each flight shall have not more than 15 or less than three steps.
73. No staircases shall have more than two flight of 15 steps without a turn and the width of the landing between such flights shall be at least the same as the width of the staircase.
74. No staircase shall be less than 1.5 m in width which shall/cater/suffice the requirements for 100 persons and for every 15 persons the width shall be increased by 2.5 cm divided over the number of staircases provided.
75. The farthest point in a cinema building from where the staircase affords access, shall not be more than 20 m distant from such staircase.

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