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in the case of Township or Panchayat such Officer of the Health Services Department having jurisdiction over the area as may be specified by the Director of Health Services.
(6) Any Officer in the Fire Force Department not below the rank of Assistant Divisional Officer.
(7) The Director of Public Relations, the District information Officer or his nominee. PART IV
36. The Cinematograph apparatus shall be placed in an enclosure of substantial construction made of, or lined with fire resisting material and or dimensions sufficient to allow the operator to work freely.
37. The enclosure shall be outside the auditorium. There shall be a rewinding room adjoining the enclosure and such rewinding room shall have its independent exit.
38. The doors of the enclosure and rewinding room and all openings, bushes and joints shall be so constructed and maintained as to prevent, as far as possible, the escape of any smoke into the auditorium. Ventilators shall be provided for the enclosure and for the rewinding room but the ventilation ducts shall not communicate direct with the auditorium. The area of the ventilating ducts of the enclosure shall not be less than one per cent of its floor area.
Explanation:- By 'bush' is meant packing inserted in the holes through which the pipes and cables, pass in order to render such holes reasonably Smoke proof.
39. The openings in front of the enclosure shall not be larger than is necessary for effective projection and observation. No such opening shall exceed 0.3 metre square: Provided that in individual cases the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee may, for Special reasons, permit a larger opening subject to such further safety precautions being taken as may be specified.
40. Each opening shall be provided with a plate glass Screenfixed in position within smokelight joints.
41. No unauthorised person shall be allowed to enter the enclosure.
42. Smoking shall not be permitted within the enclosure.
43. No inflammable articles shall except for special reasons be taken into or allowed to remain in the enclosure.
44. Cinematograph projectors shall be placed on firm support constructed of fire resistant materials.
45. All film when not in use, shall be kept in separate closed metal boxes. The metal boxes shall be of Substantial Construction. Each box shall have hinged cover secured by harp and staple. A rack shall be provided for storing the closed metal boxes without piling.
46. Cables for cinematograph lamps shall be taken as separate circuits from the supply side of the main fuses in the general lighting circuit.
47. An efficient double-pole switch shall be fitted within the projection room in the cinematograph lamp circuit.
48. Within the projection room the insulating material of all electric cables, including those leading to illuminating lamps, shall be covered with fire resisting material. Where the electric pressure exceeds 125 volts, all cables shall be enclosed in screwed metal conduits connected to the earth or in conduits of rigid P.V.C. of ISI Standard. Lead covered cables shall not be used unless enclosed in such conduits.
49. All resistances, with the exception of resistance for regulating purposes, shall be placed outside the enclosure and if reasonably practicable outside the auditorium. If placed inside the

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